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Let's Stand Tall

  • 5 Minutes
  • March 24, 2020


Hi, Darin here. I'm taking the reigns for this blog. You'll be returned to your regularly scheduled broadcasting after this.

This won’t be the standard Coronavirus, COVID-19 newsletter, we promise. We’ve all been well-served by those messages, and the responsible actions by so many have been reassuring. We can’t improve upon those messages, so we’re not going to try.

Stand Tall. Lead. Be confident. Generosity and abundance. Wartime sense of urgency but peacetime spirit. Those are the behaviors we should be expecting of ourselves right now. If our businesses are doing well or poorly, if we’re healthy or (heaven forbid) ill, we can still demonstrate all of those traits - each and every one of them. Nothing prevents any of us from Standing Tall, whether times are good or bad. Leadership is leadership, in good times AND bad (plus, it's more important in times of challenge). 

We’ve been trying to Stand Tall ourselves - forward momentum creates forward momentum. So we’ve been working on a few initiatives that help us feel good about our company and our fellow Titans.

  1. WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS, intentionally capitalized because that’s the message I’ve been personally communicating to our clients and prospects. We moved forward with a new hire last week and 4 (yes, 4) more this week. If we give our clients confidence that we will take care of them in these tough times, that might be one of many data points that help them invest in their own employees and businesses, which then pays forward to their suppliers, and it snowballs from there, helping people retain their jobs, supporting families, and ultimately investing in our economy.
  2. “Head/Heart/Hands” is the mantra we’ve developed internally for our efforts to use our ecommerce agency “powers for good” (“head”), raise funds for those in need (“heart”) and physically help those in need (“hands”). Those efforts are rapidly taking shape for us, and we'll be sharing more as they firm up.
  3. We've launched a form to allow merchants to easily ask for ecommerce help, plus we're helping spearhead the national portal, where mainstreet stores can quickly standup an ecommerce store. For example, think about a restaurant manager whose side hustle was selling cool, crafty, homemade decorations. Well, now that restaurant manager might be out of a job, so their previous side hustle is now their ONLY hustle. Our form and are both efforts to help those people.  
  4. Like everyone, we’re trying to ensure that we maintain culture and engagement with our temporarily remote workforce. So we’re doing weekly all-Titan video Zooms, twice-daily Titan management team video slacks, bi-weekly me/Titan touch bases, weekly management/Titan 1:1s, and daily project video slacks.  
  5. Let's Dish, one of our awesome clients, is offering contact-less food pickups for ready-made meals. See their locations here Let's try to HELP LOCAL BUSINESSES like these who are providing valuable services right now. 
  6. And we’re picking up the tab for all Titans who make use of the Thursday food trucks (as long as the trucks keep coming), as an effort to SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS and help encourage safe social interaction (you can eat tacos, pizzas, or BBQ 6 safe feet away from each other). 

This isn’t the time for sales messages or promotional copy. This is the time for private enterprise to stand up, to lead. We wanted to share what we’ve done to navigate these unexpected times, in case it provides even an ounce of inspiration for all of you to take similar measures that are your own, authentic ways to Stand Tall. 

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And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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