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Dive into Brightpearl's Post-COVID Health Checker

  • 10 Minutes
  • February 23, 2021

We know everyone thinks their stuff is the best out there, the cutting edge, the real deal. It’s all ‘revolution’, never evolution. Occasionally, we find something that’s actually really awesome. Something valuable, that really asks the right questions and gives some great answers.

Last week, Sara Arthrell (Global Director of Product Marketing at Brightpearl), mentioned their Post-Pandemic Health Checker and we found our occasional awesome. This is a pretty simple quiz about your business, but we truly think these are great questions to ask of your business. 

This quiz asks some tough questions and might make you do some soul searching about how fast you might be able to respond to surges, inventory issues, and a heap of other health questions. Fill out their quiz to get your full health checkup.

Brighpearl Health Checker Image

From Brightpearl -

Post-Pandemic Health Checker

Our free 5-minute health test reveals whether your business is fit enough to beat a Covid-19 resurgence.

Despite 44% of businesses admitting they don’t believe they could survive a second wave of Covid-19, more than half have made NO changes to their business to prepare for a resurgence. What steps have you taken to prepare for additional spikes of the Virus?

If you’re worried about the health of your business, Brightpearl's quick and easy quiz can assess the condition of your ecommerce operations, reveal your firm’s health grade and the likelihood of surviving a second spike of Covid-19.

  1. If you were a strictly brick and mortar business prior to COVID-19 and quarantine, were you able to quickly (within 4 weeks) take your business online?

  2. Can you easily operate your business across multiple channels?

  3. Do you currently offer click and collect or buy online pickup in-store options?

  4. Do you currently offer curbside pickup options?

  5. Is it easy for you to add a new channel to your sales strategy without huge interruption (E.g. running on a new ecommerce platform, adopting DTC, wholesaling or retailing, etc.)?

  6. Do you have contingency plans with regard to your supply chain? For example, if a factory shuts down, do you have another to work with?

  7. Do all of your sales channels sync together to help minimize out of stocks?

  8. Do your current online reviews equate to at least 4 stars or higher (out of 5)?

  9. Can your business adequately handle a huge surge in business, seemingly overnight?

  10. Have you implemented changes or contingency plans to better prepare your business for a second or even third wave of the Virus and potential quarantine?

  11. Are you currently automating any of your back-office operations, for example, order processing or fulfillment?

  12. Do you know how much surplus inventory you currently have that can be sold if you need to quickly add more cash flow into your business?

  13. Do you have an inventory planning system in place that helps you quickly adjust the replenishment when there are sudden changes in your transactions or seasonality?

  14. As shoppers take advantage of flexible return windows, is your business adequately prepared to handle large increases in the volumes of returns?

  15. Is your business able to match its pre-crisis delivery times?

  16. Do you have a real-time view of your financial status to make fast adjustments if needed?

Be sure to fill out the quiz on their site here to get your results.

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