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Year in Titan - 2021 Edition

  • 20 minutes
  • January 6, 2022

The wait is over, the numbers are officially in. We’ve collected and calculated and charted (anything sent in December...ahem Spotify...doesn't have ALL the numbers tabulated). What follows is 2021’s ‘Year in Titan’. Think of this as a summary of everything we got up to (or didn’t) in 2021. While these numbers may range from reasonable to downright nutty, they represent a year of hard work from all the Titans. Without further ado, your Year in Titan. Big thank you to the Screaming Ophans for always having the best music out there.


5,445 Marbles Dropped

Every day we drop a marble that represents our day, green/yellow/red, into jars by our doors. These marbles represent the year in colors for all the Titans. Next time you're in the office, take a minute by the jars to see how we're doing.


20 Sites Launched

A figure we're pretty happy with, we launched 20 new sites this year, in addition to the work growing existing sites. Lots of hard work on behalf of our Titans, from strategy to creative to engineering, with project management making it all sing.


4 Titans took month long sabbaticals

When a Titan reaches their 5 year anniversary, we force them to take a full month sabbatical. Not on the exact day, we plan ahead of time... But we do force them. There's something different that comes with that much time away from work. It's also a stress test to make sure Irish Titan isn't based on one Titan alone. The overriding quote we hear when they come back is "I'm ready for retirement".


16 new titans hired

16 new Titans have suited up in 2021. They're Digital Strategists, Project Managers, Software Engineers, and more. We're lucky to have an awesome group that embodies POTIS deeply.


50% of new Titans are women

Another figure we're deeply proud of, 50% of the Titans hired in 2021 are women. In a male dominated industry, we're working hard to make sure that we're representative of the world. We're proud to work with organizations like TeamWomen that also work hard to make sure women are represented at the top of companies in our community. 


6 1st year anniversary rugby’s earned

Another measure of longevity at Irish Titan. When a Titan reaches their 1 year anniversary, we give them a rugby jersey with their name on the back. We've added 6 Titans to this crew. Look for them at Shenanigans for Good (they're popular formal wear).


2 Titans came back to working here

Not something we usually measure, but after our SECOND Titan alumni came back to us, we knew we were running downhill. Seriously, this might be our biggest honor. We love boomerangs. 


4 coworkers DDoSed

Accidents happen. And sometimes they happen a lot when Tyler 'accidentally' stress tests one of our partners with API requests. Watch out for your coworkers people, they're out to take you down.


126 recommendations given by Titans in Slack

We built a Slack channel just for recommendations. Ask the Titan Hive Mind for their suggestion on an ax throwing bar, dance lesson, or vaccine site. We've read all the books, watched all the TV shows, just ask if Yellowstone is good (it is).


26,381 miles traveled to and from Texas

Cowboy boots, Stetsons, and kilts work. Who knew? We like to toughen our Texas Titans with Minnesota winters, and there's a strange coincidence between Darin's trips to Titan South and his favorite bands' TX touring schedules, but either way, we get some good miles back and forth to the Lone Star state.


305 kudos given to Titans

A full Slack channel dedicated for Titans to celebrate their coworkers. We give kudos for site launches, fresh pots of coffee, DC references, and everything in between. We're serious about appreciating each other and fluffing each other's kilts.


19 Titans helped find missing Pepper

This one requires a little backstory. We have an awesome Titan who was traveling for the weekend in Seattle. Somehow, her adorable dog, Pepper, escaped and made a break for it on the coldest night of the winter. A Titan heard of this and lit up the bat signal to our group. #operation-find-pepper was created within minutes, Titans were trudging through snow at 9pm, we even had a group of Titans coordinating remotely via GPS tracking. The idea that our group would drop everything at a moment's notice to support another Titan was the most proud we've been in a while. Yes, Pepper was found safely, she slept on a warm hot tub cover. Clever girl.


14 new pets adopted

Titans adopted 14 new pets this year. We have Slack channels for sharing photos of your dogs AND your cats. We're serious about pet photos. Especially if it's Hean's cat BaoBao, who is definitely the cutest. Sorry everyone else. 



10 Titan wedding crashers

We love a good wedding. Especially if we weren't invited to it. Now we know the happy couple, so it wasn't that bad people, Max even said we could come (after we harrassed him for a while). Titans just can't be kept away from a good dance floor.


384,851 Slacks sent by Titans

We slack a lot. The average Titan sends 40-60 slacks a day. Julie isn't an average Titan, she sends 184.3 slacks a day. A DAY. She is quite important so that makes sense. All those recommendations, Kudos, Batman references, KISS songs, it's a lot of messages every year.


1 Titan Murdered at St Titans Day

It's true, we lost one of our own at the St Titans Day party. Now, Justin was killed for our Murder Mystery-themed party that took our three teams on a scavenger hunt that required some inspect element, some project management skills, and deductive reasoning. Luckily Justin has been returned to us, but this St Titans Day will go down in history as one of the best.


35 hours spent in a tattoo chair by Titans

We're not afraid of the needle. Our Titans sat through 35 solid hours of buzzing for the fresh ink. Some of us even went for a half sleeve as our first tattoo. That's some serious commitment. Darin's offer still stands, he'll pay for any Titan to get an Irish Titan logo as a tattoo. No takers yet.


68 new companies we've helped build and grow their ecommerce channels

Wrapping this fun up, we're incredibly proud to work with great people, both Titans and our wonderful clients. We're honored to learn all the complexity of their organization, identify solutions to their true business problems, and send them 50 Basecamp messages a day. We've been lucky to add 70 (excuse our rounding) solid companies to that group. A massive thank you to all our awesome clients, we've loved working with you to build and grow your ecommerce channels. 


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