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Year in Titan - 2020 Edition

  • 10 Minutes
  • January 7, 2021
    • Team Titan

The wait is over, the numbers are officially in. We’ve collected and calculated and charted. What follows is 2020’s ‘Year in Titan’. Think of this as a summary of everything we got up to (or didn’t) in 2020. While these numbers may range from reasonable to downright nutty, they represent a year of hard work from all the Titans. Without further ado, your Year in Titan.

Year in Titan - Marbles

If you’ve been to our office, you’ve seen that we ask every Titan to drop a marble to represent their day (green for good, yellow for meh, red for awful). In March, we made digital marbles, and we’ve collected 2,057 of them so far!


Year in Titan - Launch

As part of our ‘Website in a Week’ campaign to get businesses online FAST during the quarantine. That’s right, it only takes 7 days to make it happen.


Year in Titan - Zoom

It’s no joke, Zoom has taken over. We’re on Zoom all day long. Talking to clients, to partners, and sometimes even a happy hour. Totaled up, we’ve hit 24,182 last year.


Year in Titan - Meetings

Every Friday, Darin hosts the ‘All Titan’ staff meeting. He plays music, has an intro reel, throws the reigns over to department heads for updates. Imagine a Titan weekly news show, and that’s pretty much it.


Year in Titan - Introduction

With 42 weeks of practice, you think Darin would get the hang of his introduction, but no. Audio problems, buffering, and a couple of swear words are normal guests. The perfect day was November 13th. We may never see it again.


Year in Titan - Slack

Almost 400,000 messages, birthday celebrations, client requests, and KISS reference (those alone account for 12,506 slacks). This is how we stay informed, involved, and on top of everything at Irish Titan. It also includes a few dog photos and Arrested Development clips. A little flavor of how we communicate. 


Ecomm Forum Deep Dive

Year in Titan - Bagpiper

Year in Titan - Magic

Year in Titan - Attendees

Year in Titan - 31 Countries

Year in Titan - Nuggets


Year in Titan - Hot Sauce

That’s right, we made our own hot sauce for our 2020 St. Titan’s Day party - which never happened, because, well...Covid. The custom hot sauce is, you guessed it, green. We made custom labels and had some fun with it, but the taste test will have to wait until we can all be together again. For now, relish this sweet label.

Cry Baby Craic


Year in Titan - Moves

It felt like someone was moving every week. So many boxes, so much unpacking. Some Titans even moved twice in a year. Sounds exhausting.


Year in Titan - New Titans

We’re extremely proud of this one. We hired 6 Titans during quarantine, including ‘the 5 council of elders’ who were hired just days into remote work. 2 of them have never been to the office, but that will be changing soon here in 2021. 


Year in Titan - Jerseys
Another major cause for celebration, 10 Titans have reached their one year anniversary with us. Each got a personalized rugby jersey with their name and number.


Year in Titan - Dudes

Some of you know our fondness for ‘Hey Dude’ shoes (or just Dudes). All of you should know our fondness for our friends at Tradehome Shoes, where we’ve purchased a total of 10 pairs of Dudes. Most of them are green. 


Year in Titan - Andy

Two parts inside joke taken way too far, we’ve created 5 amazing slack reactions in honor of an awesome man named Andy. We have Light Andy, Dark Andy, Halloween Andy, a Halloween Bonus Andy with his cat, and Holiday Andy. This inside joke is so obscure, no one really knows the full story. But we know we have an Andy reaction ready for any occasion.


Year in Titan - Hours

The meat and potatoes. This represents the work we’ve put in for our clients. It’s assessments, it’s a front end, back end, design audits, rebranding, managing ad spends, troubleshooting, and SO much more. This is blood, sweat, tears, and many celebrations working with our amazing clients. We’re incredibly proud of this. Next year, we’ll polish off that last 4 minutes and 48 seconds.

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