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  • White Oak Pastures

  • White Oak Pastures was founded in 1866, they specialize in regenerative agriculture. For six generations, White Oak has owned and operated a farm and general store to sell the products of their farm. In a strong stance against their industry, their beef is carbon negative. They’re practicing something they call ‘Radically Traditional Farming’ and we love the sound of that



    White Oak Pastures came to Irish Titan after seeing a surge in online sales at the beginning of COVID-19. In the past, ecommerce sales made up less than 10% of their business but they saw 3x growth in the first month of the pandemic. Their previous ecommerce site was built on Pipeline (we’d honestly never heard of it...). It was cumbersome, slow, complicated to update, and cost them a fortune hiring developers to make small adjustments. They needed something easier to manage. The ultimate goal is to turn ecommerce sales into their primary selling channel for their business.



    We knew Shopify was a great fit for their business needs. They rely heavily on their ERP system (Sage 100) to dictate their growing and selling so they requested a few custom additions to Shopify. We knew Shopify could handle these additions, and would be significantly easier for anyone at White Oak to update, not just a developer.



    Sage 100 helps White Oak Pastures stay in control of what they’re producing. They wanted custom buffer quantities for each SKU to control inventory. This required custom fields for their custom inventory solution. They needed a gift message field on the cart page itself, rather than later in the process. We customized the PLP product cards with ‘Add to Cart’ buttons. Important additions but Shopify’s flexibility and ease of use was great for this project. We connected Sage with Shopify, Avatax from Avalara, and ShipperHQ to flow seamlessly through the checkout process. We also recreated their Shopify design in Hubspot and trained them how to create quick landing pages. Now it takes seconds to spin up a landing page, not a day of emailing with their developer.



    “As farmers, technology has always been more than intimidating. Launching a more robust ecommerce site was certainly the thing to do after experiencing so much growth in Direct to Consumer business throughout 2020 but, the learning curve gave us much trepidation. I’m grateful for Irish Titans wonderful ability to organize, evaluate and execute projects like ours. Working with them was a pleasure, and I’m already excited for future projects with them" - Jenni Harris, Director of Marketing at White Oak Pastures.

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