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    The Client

    In 1921, two friends Al Mains and Cecil Ginsberg were looking for a business opportunity. They found a man who was looking for some investors for his shoe stores. These men recognized that their chief competition was mail-order operations like Montgomery Wards and Sears Roebuck. To encourage their potential customers to shop in the local community, they thought of the name “Trade At Home.” Then they shortened it to one word: “Tradehome.”

    After 100 years of business, Tradehome trusted Irish Titan to take them online for the first time. We actually launched their site three weeks early in response to COVID-19. Their stores were forced to close and their website was the only way they could bring in revenue. Their Shopify site has been a resounding success, flexible enough to handle a pandemic, and powerful enough to handle all the online shopping during quarantine and beyond!


    “Irish Titan worked closely with Tradehome to build our ecommerce presence. Their passion was on display every day, and their ability to weave together their strategy, marketing, design and development Titans were exactly what we were looking for. Plus, their shenanigans go well with all the hard work that goes into a good ecommerce channel.” 

    - Stacy Robjent Controller, Tradehome Shoes

    Tradehome Shoes Three Computer Panel

    The Situation

    For many years, they were intentional in their absence of an ecommerce channel. They wanted to maintain their strong brand image and worried about a website encroaching on physical store’s sales. This shifted in 2019. They decided it was time to dive into the ecommerce game, and they trusted Irish Titan to take them online for the first time. Irish Titan worked with the Tradehome team to design, architect, and develop a new ecommerce storefront (with refreshed branding!) that met their unique business requirements.

    They needed

    • To connect online and offline sales. Driving people into stores was very important.
    • To prepare data and systems to play nicely with their ecommerce platform.
    • Refreshed branding that works across all their stores, digitally and physically.
    • Strong customer loyalty and customer rewards systems.
    Tradehome Shoes Stores


    The Solution

    We worked hand and hand with the Tradehome team to integrate Shopify with their POS (Cybex). We went through a collaborative, rigorous exercise to update their brand. Building upon the brand equity they’d already established was a prerequisite, with an end goal of increasing brand flexibility, to allow for consistency between in-store, online and offline experiences. We also focused on driving people into stores with ‘Ship to Store’, Bold Store Locator, and ‘My Home Store’ selections for customers.


    When COVID-19 hit in March of 2020, Tradehome was forced to completely shutdown all of their retail stores. In an effort to provide continued revenue streams, we accelerated the timeline, ultimately launching the site three weeks early. This required laser-like focus on prioritization, scoping and QA efficiencies, but the results speak for themselves.

    Tradehome Shoes