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  • Tin Whiskers Brewing Company
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    On a mission to make the most technically perfect beer, Tin Whiskers is the perfect place for beer-nerds and non-nerds alike. Founded by a trio of reformed Electrical Engineers who followed their passion, Tin Whiskers continues to pay homage to their background in a myriad of ways, ranging from their beer names to the name of the brewery itself (a Tin Whisker is a "hair" from a tin solder that can cause a short circuit on a Printed Circuit Beard. Offering only "alive" beers (a.k.a. beers that are unfiltered and unpasteurized), Tin Whiskers takes great pride in crafting high-quality beers.

    Due to our own appreciation for a great brew, we were a natural fit when Tin Whiskers realized that they were in need of a content management system for their site, which was largely sufficient from a design and functionality perspective. We rebuilt the site on a new Drupal platform, supporting and coordinating the site transition activities, including the DNS and hosting server. It was an important step for their business that increased efficiency (allowing website updates by non-technical resources), improved standardization (creating a more typical infrastructure), and enhanced marketing activities (allowing for more frequent content and marketing updates, which ultimately is helping to better support their business goals.

    We rebuilt the existing site functionality (including a blog, an interactive taproom map, a restaurants & bars map, a liquor stores map, a BigCommerce redirect, and beer specifications), on the new Drupal platform, resulting in a site that appeared the same to the average consumer, but that better supported Tin Whiskers in their growth.