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    The Highlights

    Surdyks Strong Results


    The Client

    The Surdyk family has been serving the community of Northeast Minneapolis since 1934. Surdyk’s Liquor has an impressive array of wine, spirits, beer, mix, and cigars in the Liquor Store. You can also find the award-winning Cheese Shop, featuring over 350 varieties of cheese, prepared foods to go, and a meticulously curated selection of specialty grocery items from around the world. The store’s superior service from knowledgeable staff keeps customers strolling down the many aisles of this Minneapolis store; truly a food and drink lover’s destination.

    Surdyks History


    The Situation

    Surdyk’s was faced with a problem in 2019, their site was built on Magento 1 and they had until June of 2020 to move from that platform. Apart from Magento 1 end of life, they found their platform difficult to make changes to, requiring them to go to outside resources for updates. This process took days and they didn’t feel in control of their site. They wanted to spend their time on building strong marketing, not wrangling their website. Diving into their roots as a neighborhood liquor store and cheese shop, they wanted to increase local pickups, deliveries, and customer loyalty to their brand. Before the replatforming, Surdyk’s had a very simple loyalty program, 1 point for $1 spent. It was significantly underperforming and holding their growth back.


    Surdyks Loyalty


    The Solution

    After a consultation and a full strategy audit with Irish Titan, they decided to move from Magento 1 to BigCommerce. This would make site changes much easier and faster but could still handle the thousands of SKUs that they needed. The refreshed the site with new branding and new iconography to reflect changes since their last site. During the upgrade, we built a custom connecter from CounterPoint POS to BigCommerce and tapped Annex Cloud for loyalty.

    Annex Cloud is a much more sophisticated loyalty program (social follows, email, more info, more rewards) that was a great fit for Surdyk’s. Members can use points flexibly for things like free delivery, class purchases, join lotteries for allocated items, like limited-release bourbon or beer. Leaning into their significant brand loyalty, Annex Cloud is helping accelerate growth.


    Surdyks Homepage


    The Results

    As a result of moving to BigCommerce, they found significantly more control over their site. They were able to move faster, their site wasn’t throttling their growth anymore.

    Surdyk’s was moved to safety off of a platform experiencing end of life, meaning they’d continue to be protected with security updates. A great byproduct of moving to BigCommerce, they found significantly more control over their site, especially being more flexible with controlling their stock amounts. They were able to move faster, and their site wasn’t throttling their growth. 

    After their site refresh, their branding matched across web and print material, reinforcing and strengthening their image in the neighborhood (and beyond!).


    Surdyks Rebrand


    Moving their loyalty program to Annex Cloud has been a massive success. They’re able to engage their customers much deeper than before, and customers get to select the rewards they want exactly. They’re also offering high-value customers exclusive access to specialty bottles, sales, and memberships that they weren’t able to before. This has solidified Surdyk’s as the best liquor store in the Twin Cities.


    Surdyks Wine Selection