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    Website Design

    Designed to be a long-term solution to recruiting, Preptree has redefined the college athletics process, providing a platform for high school coaches, college coaches, and recruits to connect, communication and share information. Inspired by social networks, Preptree allows recruits to take control of their recruitment, while allowing high school coaches to simplify their process. Finally, college coaches are able to recruit more efficiently, increasing their productivity.

    When Preptree first approached us, they were a start-up, still working through their business plan and how they wanted their process to work. As a result, when we began our partnership, it was very important to them that we would a.) build the site architecture in a way that would easily lend itself to future site enhancements and scalability and b.) have an intensive requirements gathering process to help them work through their thoughts for the business plan. We did both, building them a custom PHP platform to support the process.