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  • Northstar Bison

  • The Highlights

    Northstar Bison Results


    The Situation

    Northstar Bison is a Wisconsin-based bison ranching company. They raise 100% grass-fed bison on open pastures. Using their own ‘Zero Stress Field Harvest’, they’re able to humanely raise and harvest their bison for the highest quality and healthiest animals around. Their company was doing well but their past website was holding them back online. High cart abandons, poor mobile experience, and confusing user journeys were all to blame. While other areas of their business were flourishing, their website wasn’t performing to their standards. They needed:

    • A full website audit to discover what wasn’t working.
    • Detailed marketing assessment to set a strong foundation for the website.
    • A new, seamless consumer journey to speed up orders.
    • Better integrations to handle new online ordering at scale


    The Solution

    Shopify was a natural fit for Northstar Bison. It has the flexibility and integrations that they needed while being an intuitive ecommerce focused platform. After a site audit, we suggested major changes to their user experience. These included changes to the main navigation, product description pages, full checkout process, and a complete overhaul of the mobile site. After these changes, we suggested integrations like Sezzle for flexible payments, ReCharge and Klaviyo for subscription and loyalty programs. We worked closely with Northstar Bison to adjust their marketing for the new website and follow best practices.


    Significant Results

    Since their launch, Northstar Bison is on track to double their highest revenue year ever. Faster orders, better engagement, and flexible payment options all helped them transform their online sales.


    1. Awareness

    Northstar Bison was previously using Active Campaign for their email marketing but their platforms were disjointed and not being used to their fullest potential. We recommended integrating Klaviyo with Shopify to seamlessly capture emails on their website. We helped train and setup standardized emails for their checkout and return process. After some best practices, their email marketing is educating subscribers and continuing to drive sales.


    2. Engagement

    Before the new site, customers relied only on images to make purchasing decisions but Irish Titan suggested partnering with Yotpo, a product review integration for ecommerce websites. Now customers could read about the product from other customers, discuss the product, and leave feedback for Northstar Bison. This tool has been instrumental in consumer confidence and increasing the number of orders on the site. They achieved massive results while REDUCING the number of pages needed for checkout in half. 


    3. Ecommerce

    After their site overhaul, Northstar Bison was able to accept a wide array of payment options like Apple Pay, credit card, Amazon, and Sezzle. Sezzle is a flexible repayment plan that helped increase basket sizes and order value. ReCharge was also integrated, which helped increase regular purchases and subscription sales. Now it’s fully integrated, saving manual entry into QuickBooks or their warehouse system.