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    Integration, Ecommerce

    Family owned since 1914, National Camera Exchange is the premier dealer of used photographic and video equipment in the Midwest. National Camera Exchange strives to provide best-in-class training and knowledgeable service, as well as an extensive selection. With locations across the metro, National Camera Exchange helps photographers capture and create inspiring images. Their support in the photographic community expands beyond your initial purchase, offering educational photo classes and seminars.

    We were approached by our partners, the Ovative/group to develop a new ecommerce presence on behalf of National Camera Exchange. Prior to developing a single unified ecommerce presence on their behalf, the existing National Camera Exchange web presence was a combination of many disparate systems, including 3rd party systems, custom-developed systems, and related technologies. In tandem with Ovative, we developed a single, unified Magento Community platform. 

    At the time, National Camera Exchange had 5 retail locations and a POS system.  As such, It was critical, especially with used products, that they got real time inventory and order synchronization between the POS and Magento systems.  This prevented accidentally selling a product online that was sold in stores and vice versa. Nat Cam also has an eBay store that needed to sync sales and inventory with both systems.  Finally, since in-store pickup is also an option, we pulled in-store locations for products,  allowing the customer to see what locations were possible for an in-store pickup on checkout.  Their ERP system did not offer any API’s, so we worked with the vendor on a file transfer method on a very aggressive schedule to sync information between the two systems.