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    Murphy Rigging and Erecting, a part of the Murphy Warehouse family brand, has been providing their clients with rigging and erecting services since 1904. Inspired by the belief that success is earned, Murphy takes pride in each erecting, rigging, millwright or heavy haul job that they complete, a pride that is driven by their commitment to good, honest business practices and strong family values.

    The Murphy Rigging and Erecting site is the 2nd site that we have launched for Murphy, a year following the launch of the main Murphy Warehouse site. Prior to our project engagement, the Murphy Rigging site was on a different platform than the Murphy Warehouse site, leading to challenges interacting with the Rigging site from both a customer and personnel perspective. We rebuilt the Rigging site on a Drupal platform, and reskinned it with a new design that takes its cues from the new Murphy Warehouse site design. As a result, it was immediately identifiable to new prospects as being under the Murphy brand umbrella.