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  • Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

  • On December 14, 1908, a group of employers from various industries and corners of the state came together on Robert Street in St. Paul. Over lunch, they discussed their successes and challenges, and the discussion evolved to the agenda of the upcoming Legislature. They saw the effect that policy had on their ability to do business: to move goods and services, and to provide a quality of life for their employees. They decided the business community needed a voice – a collective voice – at the Capitol.

    And the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce was born.

    The Minnesota Chamber’s vision is a future for business that improves the lives of all Minnesotans. Yes, we speak for employers, but the good work that we do – and more importantly, that our members do – helps maintain our cherished quality of life in Minnesota.

    For the last 110 years, the Chamber has provided the business community a collective voice, and successfully shaped Minnesota’s environment to help businesses thrive and grow within our state.

    We are Minnesota’s largest broad-based business organization representing more than 6,300 companies – and more than half a million employees – throughout Minnesota. The Chamber builds on its legacy as a voice for business by advancing public policy that grows jobs and the economy, and providing valuable services to members so they stay and grow in Minnesota. A business climate that allows for innovation and forward-thinking leadership will help grow the strength of Minnesota’s economy for future generations. Learn more at