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    Responsive Design

    Founded with the singular purpose to develop new solutions for accelerating regenerative medicine therapies for patients, Mill Creek Life Sciences licenses, develops, and commercializes certain intellectual property elements related to the production of a novel cell culture supplement. Their technology, which supports the development and application of cellular and biologic therapeutics, was licensed by the Mayo Clinic. Mayo continues to be one of the largest shareholders in Mill Creek Life Sciences, due to their shared commitment to discovering and applying innovative approaches to patient care.

    We built the original Mill Creek Life Sciences site, shortly after their inception, and continued to partner with them through their growth as an organization. When, in the spring of 2015 (post Google Mobilegeddon), they decided that they had outgrown their current site and were in need of an updated digital presence, they approached us for the site rebuild. Goals for the new site included updating and refining their brand, enhancing their content, and greatly improving their online traffic, conversion, and effectiveness.

    We delivered an entirely new Drupal platform on their behalf, complete with a responsive design that reflected their updated branding. Additional site features that helped to achieve that goal included a structured, logical, and intuitive information architecture (IA), adhering to Google SEO best practices, as well as a flexible and scalable content framework for rich content, which was structured for maximum visibility within the search result. Existing site functionality, such as the "request a sample" forms were enhanced to ensure continued compliance with modern best practices.