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  • Duke Cannon

  • Duke Cannon’s purpose is simple: to make superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men. Our products are tested by soldiers, not boy bands. And they’re made in a little place we like to call the United States of America.

    We value things like hard work, family, community, bacon, and country; we champion builders, creators, sledge hammerers, holders of doors and fixers of toilets; we have the utmost respect for teachers and farmers and soldiers and first responders—so it’s no wonder good folks feel right at home in Duke Cannon Country.

    We think Duke Cannon may have been our favorite project we’ve ever worked on (not choosing favorites or anything). Their site is dripping with the Duke Cannon brand. Their email marketing is dialed in. Everything about them screams man. This was a perfect fit for Shopify and allowed them to flex their brand all over the site.

    This is Duke Cannon Country.