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    For more than a hundred years, BankCherokee has been a family-owned business, specializing in serving their local community.

    Over the course of that time, as one of the oldest family-owned banks in the Twin Cities, BankCherokee has grown from a single branch to four convenient metro locations, each offering a full suite of commercial and personal banking services. Known for their incredible service culture, which encourages employees to build trusted partnerships, BankCherokee wants to continue to grow, elevating their brand awareness and establishing their profile in the business banking marketplace.

    BankCherokee came to us with a site that was functional, but unwieldy to manage and update. Just as significantly, the site failed to support their business and marketing goals. We gave BankCherokee a refreshed, dynamic and mobile responsive site. We added new features and functionality, including a portal for customers to directly apply for loans or new accounts right on the website. This streamlined the application process by eliminating the need to apply in person. Cutting down the complexity saved time and frustration for the applicants, and saved about two weeks of internal administrative work for the bankers themselves.

    Due to the nature of the banking industry, ADA compliance was also a necessity. We developed the new site to comply with all WCAG 2.0 guidelines and requirements while remaining consistent with the BankCherokee brand and style guide.

    You can find out more about the four basic principles of WCAG on our blog