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    Magento Development

    Since 1954, Littleton-Colorado based Anglers All has been an authorized dealer for fly-fishing equipment. With one of the most knowledgeable teams in the industry, Anglers All is dedicated providing fly-fishers with all of their needs – from gear to helping them book a fly-fishing trip. Their exemplary customer service, enthusiasm for the sport, and deep knowledge base has built a brand loyally supported by their customers, and made Anglers All one of the premier shops in their industry. The Anglers All retail store has always been known as a high-end fly fishing shop, with the best gear and the best knowledge. Combine that with their on-premises warehouse, and Anglers All can fulfill every order within either the same or next day.

    Prior to beginning our relationship with Anglers All, their previous site fell short in terms of ecommerce best practices and focus. We shifted the focus to gear and product sales while continuing to offer valuable fly-fishing content. Their new site boosted their ecommerce presence, working to promote growth in ecommerce sales and brand reinforcement. Visual design and navigation were major elements of the new site – balancing the shift in focus to an ecommerce perspective while maintaining all the great gear-head knowledge available for the loyal Anglers All enthusiast.

    We also integrated Anglers All's POS system with their Magento platform. Since Anglers All also has a brick and mortar retail location that handles a lot of their sales, as well as a constantly changing product line, real time product updates were critical. We worked with POSIM, their POS vendor to connect the two systems for all product information via Magento’s SOAP API.  Anglers All can now do most of their product and order work in their POS system and uses Magento for their content updates and additional product information.