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    Primary/Secondary Education

    Driven by a dedication to making a difference in the lives of those living with disabilities, AbleNet has created a suite of assistive technology products designed to transform lives. AbleNet excites and empowers professionals who serve people with disabilities to use the “easy tech, easy value” approach to improving lives, offering over 800 curriculum solutions and technology products that serve this goal.

    When AbleNet was first referred to us, they were in the process of rebuilding their site on a Magento Enterprise platform with a different agency. The agency wasn't engaging with them in a way that worked for their business, which is ultimately what caused them to look for another partner. When we received the site, a generic instance of Magento Enterprise had been installed, and the general site structure had been determined. Immediately upon beginning our partnership with AbleNet, we engaged in a discovery phase to gain a deeper understanding of their existing situation and to prevent future possible timeline risks from occurring due to unforeseen challenges.

    From there, we expanded and implemented the designs that we were given, making the site responsive in the process, and brought the project through development. Development efforts included implementing a number of Magento extensions and enhanced shipping functionality, amongst other efforts to ensure that the AbleNet site continued to adhere to modern online and ecommerce best practices.

    One of the largest efforts, however, was full integration with AbleNet's ERP system, Sage X3 V7, for all sales, customer, and product inventory information. AbleNet conducts the majority of their business through their sales reps and certified resellers. As their customer service team is always working within the X3 system, we needed to pull all of the product, customer, and price information in Magento. X3 has an extendable core API set, which we used to pull product information in every hour on the hour, as well as pass order and customer information from the Magento platform to X3 in real time.