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Why We Put a New Paint Job On Our Website

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  • January 10, 2019

The start of every year brings a new perspective, new goals, new initiatives some cases...a new website, in this case, humbly tagged Irish Titan 3.0. There are a number of reasons why we decided to kick off 2019 with a fresh new website and they probably align with why you should consider doing the same. Maybe not for 2019... but for some time in the near-ish future. We're open to discussion. 

Why a New Website?

It’s no secret that we have a “Business First. Online Second.” mentality when it comes to serving our customers. We get to know them, get to know their business, and learn how we can help them best deliver their brand purpose in the digital world. You've heard the story before.

Well, there’s some truth to that saying about the cobbler’s kids having the worst shoes because, over the past few years, we’ve prioritized client-facing work and neglected keeping our own website up-to-snuff with our expanded capabilities and (hopefully) more mature tone. In short, we weren’t applying B1O2 to ourselves (shame. shame. shame). So, our Titans stepped up to the plate and refreshed how we discuss our services, processes, and partners.

At the same time, we wanted to make sure maintain our voice (we’re Irish Titan, not Amish Titan) and reflect our culture. And for me personally, it was important to keep our Titan page, because our employee only model is a key differentiator for us and I wanted each of our Titans to be displayed on the page and proud to show that to their friends and family.

So the team went through the whole build process - creating wireframes, designs, copy, construction, QA, and a marketing plan to top it all off. Our IT 3.0 website is finally ready for prime time and can be a tool to help us chart our future. Does your website fully align with what you’re offering to customers? 

Changing the Focus Point to Our Partners and Clients

Since designing our last website in 2014 (digital years equates to dog years, so this was a LONG time ago), we’ve partnered with some pretty incredible companies to expand partnerships with ecommerce platforms, marketing, and technology. If we were truly committed to offering B1O2 to our clients, we needed to offer them a variety of options in marketing and technology that fit their needs. We pride ourselves in building long lasting relationships with our partners and customers and needed a way to showcase that to the world. We did this by adding a section on our homepage with some of our best work and all of our valued partners. A main goal for us with the new website was to have a positive user experience for both our partners and clients as well as potential customers or employees. 

Aligning Our Capabilities and Services

In addition to expanding our clients and partners, we’ve invested in improving our internal operations to better position ourselves for scalable growth. We're proud to have expanded our marketing and creative chops with everything from UX, content creation, and design, to paid media, digital marketing, and onsite optimization (see our full list of capabilities here!). With an evolving and growing company, it’s important to showcase your current capabilities and resources to get relevant and quality leads. How is your website showcasing your current products and services?

We’re committed to constant improvement, striving to address our shortcomings (everyone has problems - anyone who doesn’t is a liar). So we want to grow every year, whether that’s through broadening our partners and clients, enhancing our internal processes, or expanding our skills and capabilities. We’re more mature and sophisticated than we were three years ago (which we hope to say again 3 years from now!), all the while continuing to have some professional shenanigans along the way. If you’re a company that is interested in ensuring you have the digital property you deserve, give us a call, shoot us a message or send us a raven. We’d be honored to help you communicate your company's story and purpose.

Now go explore our new site!

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