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Waffles N' Websites

  • 5 min
  • September 6, 2019

In case you hadn't heard, last week was National Waffle Week. In true Titan fashion, we took the opportunity to find some semblance of relationship between food and ecommerce strategy. 

This month we decided to use the most quintessential breakfast food, in the most relatable way possible, to explain why your website might be in need of a little (or big) revamp. That's right -- with waffles. Because as the wise Ron Swanson once said,  "there has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food." And this, our friends, also applies to sad websites.

If you have been waffling on whether or not your site is in need of an update, here are some sure signs you might be due for one:  

1. Your user experience is falling flat.

Let's face it, no one likes flat waffle. This, really, is the whole premise of the entire waffle industry. How do we know this? Because pancakes exist. So, if a consumer is expecting a nice, fluffy waffle, and they are met with a flat is not the experience they expected, nor desired. 

Similar to waffles, if your consumers are giving you feedback on poor user experience, it might be time to have a UX designer audit your website. Statistically, users decide within 50 milliseconds whether or not they like your website, whether or not they will stay or leave. 

Feedback can help you determine if it might be time to work on your "waffle recipe" to make sure your consumers are having a user-friendly experience that is meeting and, ideally, exceeding their expectations.


2. Your website integrations are getting a little sticky.

Many of our clients meet us with websites that are seemingly functioning, but the processes it takes to get it there are outdated, truncated, and, well, sticky.

If you find that the backend of your website processes has become a plethora of outdated puzzle pieces trying to make your enterprise function, it might be time to explore new systems and integrations. 

This digital age has brought with it a vast amount of companies and integrations specializing in various aspects of website and client management operations. We have partners specializing in cart management, email marketing, payment processing and more, helping to keep your website a functioning as efficiently as possible.


3. Your SEO and Content Optimization aren’t fully ironed out.

SEO and Optimization has come a long way since the dawn of the digital age. With site crawlers taking a much more holistic approach to search results, having a strategist in your corner can help make your site fully optimized!

Truly optimizing your website takes more than repeating keywords dozens of times to trigger site crawlers. Our strategists take a top-down approach for optimization. Starting with your business goals, auditing your content and working from your site navigation down through headers, meta descriptions, and content analysis, our strategists have the expertise you need to iron out your site ranking.



4. Your website isn’t always cookin’.

In a world where users expect 24-hour access, a site outage can be a disaster for any company, especially in the ecommerce realm. In ecommerce, site outages, from a base level, mean loss of sales. The rippling effect a site outage can have on gaining a repeat customer can have lasting consequences. 

Think of it this way-- you want waffles, but it's the middle of the night. Are you going to wait until morning to get waffles when you really really want them now? In a world of 24 hour access, chances are you are going to go to one of the companies that serves waffles in the middle of the night.

We want to make sure your site is ready for business. Always.


5. Your website is a little expired.

We often talk about website years in similar terms as “dog years.” If your site hasn’t had an overhaul in a few years, chances are, it is about due for one. This technology age moves fast and you could be risking platform obsoletion.

Maybe your SEO is outdated. Maybe your hosting platform has had a big update making your current platform obsolete and in need of a migration. While websites might not technically expire, they can lose their functionality and become stale and no longer work for you. 

Our developers, designers, and strategists are always forward thinking when it comes to Business First, Online Second.TM 
We want to build you a website and set up your strategy to support and sustain you for years to come.



If you have read through this and have gone from waffling to panicking, have no fear! Irish Titan can help make your site a little bit butter.


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