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Video Podcast | Darin on Club E - Ecommerce Trends to Stay

  • February 5, 2021
    • Advice From Titans


Ecommerce Trends Here to Stay | Darin Lynch and William Tjernlund

Club E will be joined by eCommerce experts Darin Lynch, Founder of Irish Titan, and William Tjernlund, Amazon Sales & Consultant and CMO of Goat Consulting to discuss a variety of eCommerce topics from trends that will continue through 2021, channel strategies, and important metrics for eCommerce companies to focus on growth. 

About Darin: 
Darin Lynch is the Founder and CEO of Irish Titan, a digital agency focused on ecommerce & digital, design & creative, content & strategy. Darin offers over 25 years of digital, marketing, sales, technology, and leadership experience ranging from Fortune 100 financial firms to national retailers to start-up and early-stage companies.
Darin has trademarked “Business First. Online Second.”, as it’s one of the key principles that shaping Irish Titan’s “Why” for their over 40 Titans, hundreds of clients, and range of services provided by Irish Titan since 2004.
Darin is a regular speaker and has been honored as a 40 Under 40 winner, one of the Real Power 50, and is a member of the Federal Reserve Board Small Business Council. Darin has also bought Clint Eastwood a beer and is a former presidential candidate. Honestly. But both of those stories are better shared in person.

About William:  
William Tjernlund is the co-founder and a managing partner at Goat Consulting. William is a notable figure in the e-commerce industry, speaking at conferences around the world, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. William started his career at his family's 80+ year-old manufacturing company with the goal of expanding the e-commerce and Amazon presence. The efforts by William quickly made Amazon the number one sales channel for his family's business which now grosses tens of millions of dollars annually. William uses his background in economics, experience selling on Amazon, and insights gained from speaking with businesses around the world to help brands and manufacturers have a clear strategy for success.

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