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Reviva Case Study

  • 10 min
  • August 8, 2018

B1O2 at its Core

Other than having a knack for professional shenanigans, Irish Titan is best known for our “Business First. Online Second” approach. It’s an approach and a philosophy that underlines how we engage with our clients and prospects. But what exactly does B1O2 mean? Well, our fearless leader, Darin Lynch, defines it like this… 

B1O2 means that we care more about delivering business solutions than we care about delivering the latest digital fads. It means that we get to know our client’s business and work hard to ensure that their digital presence lives within their business rather than outside of it. It means that our team, from project managers to developers, thinks about B1O2, and it means that our process is engineered to deliver B1O2.”

So what does B1O2 look like in practice? We like to let our clients tell that story.


Founded in 1944, Reviva is a B2B remanufacturer that provides quality diesel engines and diesel engine components to businesses nationwide. Since 2003, Reviva has employed principles of lean manufacturing in every aspect of their business. That commitment and dedication to the process is what allows them to deliver a quality engine, at a lower cost, faster than anyone else.

How We Engaged

Reviva reached out to us to rebrand and update their website. They were going through internal processes and were looking to update and automate those processes to stay competitive in the evolving B2B landscape. The site was not mobile responsive and didn’t really tell the Reviva story to potential prospects.

From the very beginning, it was all about our business, who we were trying to market towards, and the customer experience. From there, we developed the site to match the user journey rather than forcing the user to follow the sites journey.” - Nate Williams, Director of Business Development

We developed their website on the Drupal platform, making it easy for Reviva to edit. The new site was the first website launched by Irish Titan on Drupal 8. We worked with Reviva to develop a consistent brand voice, new site architecture, and a focus on user experience. From a digital perspective, we optimized the site with SEO best practices, boosting the potential for brand awareness and B2B prospecting. With more and more B2B businesses shopping online, we wanted to build out customized forms to allow Reviva’s B2B customers and prospects to use the new website as a hub and reach out for anything from requesting a quote to claiming a warranty.

Business First

When Reviva began using our services to build their new website, they were already partnered with a local advertising agency for assistance with offline marketing, content, and design. We viewed Reviva’s relationship with the advertising agency as a positive, and we collaborated closely with the agency to benefit Reviva’s team. This approach solidified our own relationship with Reviva and eventually led to Irish Titan becoming their primary digital partner.

Online Second

Outside of a new website, Reviva’s main focus was the continuous improvement of their internal processes. We worked to keep the momentum going by creating efficiencies on their website that aided in the internal processes. The main aspect of this was the online request and contact forms for customers to use and to make things more streamlined for the Reviva sales team.


Since Reviva is still working to better their internal processes, we decided to create a website that could be added to in the future, rather than building one with features and functionality Reviva didn’t currently need. We built a solid foundation to which we can easily add different features and functionalities in the future, at a lower cost and a faster timeline.


Throughout the duration of Reviva’s construction, the Reviva project team kept communication at the forefront with weekly communication, budget reviews, and face to face visits to review the project status.


Since the launch of the site, Reviva has seen fewer requests and complaints from their customers. Their sales team now has a platform where they are able to access the customer information that they’re looking for.

In Review

We’ve worked with Reviva for more than four years. Over that time we built trust, maintained solid communication, and kept “Business First. Online Second.” at the core of our engagement.

The Reviva team subsequently reached out to us about adding another B2B aspect of their business onto the website. Since we created the website with a solid foundation, we are able to use our past work as a template for our next engagement, making it time and cost effective for the client. We’re looking forward to seeing how we can help Reviva continue to succeed in every aspect of their business.

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