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Let's Refresh This Business

  • 3 min
  • December 5, 2014
    • Brand Evolution
    • In With The New
    • Identity Standards

A brand is a tricky thing: it’s integral to your business identity, it expresses your culture and values, plus, it immediately identifies your marketing efforts and collateral as yours to those who have previously interacted with you. That last one is probably the most important: it’s literally priceless to have unexpected touches or drips on a prospect, client, or even strategic relationship partner with whom you had lost touch.

But brand standards, like just about everything in the marketing world, can grow dated. Maybe it’s because you used a font that was all the rage ten years ago and now simply looks old. Maybe it’s because you created your logo to reflect a product or service that you no longer offer. Or maybe it’s because you’ve been doing the same thing for forever and it just doesn’t look new anymore. Even classics need a refresh every once in a while.

Earlier this year, we found that we were running into those exact same problems: our old font, Myriad Pro, a member of the Myriad font family, become hot for tech companies to use in the early 2000s, after Apple started using a version of it as their corporate font (fun fact, the universal tech company philosophy is “if it’s good enough for Apple, it’s good enough for us.”). And our black, white and green colors, while much beloved, had gotten tired.

So how do you update your brand standards in a way that pays homage to where you’ve been, while still reflecting that you will remain relevant in the future?

A website redesign can be a huge help. Having a newly updated look and feel to your site can help you see your brand in a way that you could have never previously imagined. That was what happened to us. When we made the decision to redo our website, our designers literally sat and banged their head against the wall (partially because we wanted this to be our best work ever and partially because Darin was difficult). But then they came up with a new design that informed our new brand standards: the introduction of orange, new fonts, even an updated logo treatment.

Since then, we’ve overhauled every single piece of branded collateral we have – from our marketing pieces to our email auto signatures. The best part? We like it a lot, it’s been well received, and it’s still immediately recognizable as “us.” We didn’t have to give up any of our brand capital and our new look has marked the close of our evolution into our next phase of growth. We can’t wait to see where it will take us in the New Year. Slainte!

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