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Let's Make It Personal

  • 4 min
  • March 23, 2018

Indulge us for a moment, and let’s take a little peek back in time.

It’s 2007…

Irreplaceable” by Beyonce is the year’s biggest hit.

Spiderman 3 is the box office champ

And all social media does pretty much the same thing.

Now, let’s jump ahead to 2014…

Pharrell Williams and “Happy” rule the charts.

American Sniper” is dominating the silver screen.

And social media is starting to fragment and specialize, but users still treat it all mostly the same.

Okay, we’re back in present day 2018 again.

We’ll forget about music and movies for now, and keep our focus on social media. Today, people are very specific about what social media platforms they interact with. They have choices, and they’re intentional and deliberate about making them.

Information from the Pew Research Center shows that Facebook is king with 68% of Americans as users. Instagram falls in second with 35% of Americans being users. That’s a 7% jump since 2016. Surprise, young people still use social media the most, with 88% of 18-29 year olds being regular users in some sense. As we look at older demographics, that number consistently gets lower and lower. Will older demographics use social media at a higher percentage as young people get older? We’ll see.

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat don’t touch Facebook popularity-wise, but they still reach massive numbers of users on a regular basis. They hit different demographics in different ways with different functionalities and usages. LinkedIn, a professional network, often viewed as an extension of the workplace is used by 50% of college graduates while it’s only used by 9% of Americans no college experience. If you use Twitter it’s extremely likely you’re regularly on Facebook and YouTube. 90% of Twitter users use Facebook and 95% use YouTube.

Basically, different people engage for different reasons on different platforms. The harsh reality is, if you’re still copy/paste posting the same content across all of the different platforms, you're missing the point, you’re missing your market, and you're quite possibly killing your brand. That’s bad.

You need to create the right content for the right platform, in order to reach the right audience. That’s good.

Sometimes the differences between the various platforms are small and subtle, but what are they?

Different Social Platforms

Here's an easy, fun way that Irish Titan thinks about the differences between social media platforms, and how we creatively adapt our content to be platform appropriate or, sometimes, choose to not post to certain platforms at all!


This is Irish Titan in business-casual attire. LinkedIn is great for industry insight, thought leadership, and C-Suite level content. It’s very much a network for “professional” interaction. A LinkedIn presence should show knowledge, expertise, and skill. It’s a good place to share news and showcase the company to prospective clients and potential employees.

Irish Titan LinkedIn post


We’re still in business-casual, but now we have our sleeves rolled up. It’s our “how-to” channel where we can speak more to practitioners and marketers in a hands-on fashion. Everyone from clients to potential hires to the intern’s mom is going to see our Facebook page at some point, so it needs to be accessible, relatable, and smart.

Irish Titan Facebook post


Let the fun begin. This is Irish Titan in our kilt. Let's celebrate our quirks, but keep it clever. It’s how we display our “cool” side in a visual environment. High quality photos of high quality people. This is where we showcase some of our professional shenanigans, being fully reflective of our brand voice and our mission… and our dogs.

Irish Titan Instagram post


Twitter is a shortened, blended version of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s visually appealing and it features quick hits of positive news, notes, updates, and events. For a persona, think of this one like a brand new, very enthusiastic intern: quick, fast, peppy, and young.


Irish Titan Twitter post


A good way to describe email is as Irish Titan's "insiders" circular. Essentially, it’s the first line of distribution for most content. It’s far less “showy” than Instagram. Personality-wise, email is competent, reliable and pragmatic, but still friendly and engaging.

Remember, you need to create the right content for the right platform, in order to reach the right audience. With small changes and little effort, you can generate a much better engagement out of your content.

Here are some actionable next steps that will help you start doing this…today!

Be thoughtful and keep your audience in mind with the message you want to send.

Find your own personas, take time to figure out who is following you on each social network so you can deliver them the best content.

Lastly, it’s OK to post some of the same content on the multiple channels… but make sure you tailor it in a way that will be interesting to the users.  



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