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Irish Titan Impact… A Core Value That Counts.

  • 10 Minutes
  • February 14, 2022
    • Darin's Musings

Impact…it’s one of our core values, so we take it seriously. We take it even more seriously since it wasn’t an original value…it replaced “work ethic”, for a million reasons that made sense, although the Iowa farm boy in me still likes “work ethic”. But taking the initiative to commit to “Impact” means that we’re going to hold ourselves to it.
One of the soapboxes my kilt and I climb up on every time I talk with a potential Titan is that we want people who want to make a difference. If you do easy math and subtract sleeping hours, the work we all do each day is a substantial vote of our time…so we want people who care where they invest that time. In other words, Titans who want to make an Impact.
It wasn’t about punching the clock for hours, it was about getting work of substance done. It wasn’t about bits and bytes or digital marketing acronyms, it was about making a difference in our clients’ businesses. It wasn’t about being just a business, it was about building a business that invests in its community, whether that be the business community, charitable organizations, schools, or just the old school notion of helping people (novel concept, I know).
All of those commitments result in making an Impact, and they all remain true today (in fact, some have taken on more structure, like our Heads, Hearts, Hands program). And for that, I’m proud, and I hope that all of our Titans are proud, too. But something important has emerged recently, and that’s our “Impact Count”.
It began (not really but kinda) at an early holiday party (shoutout to the original Red’s Savoy – RIP - who tolerated our shenanigans), when we began a tradition of noting our Titan headcount. That number increased every year, and while headcount is really just a byproduct of business model, it was tangible for us, particularly given our “Titan Only” model. But that was “headcount”, not “Impact Count”.
“Impact Count” started taking shape in 2017 (and I have to give credit where credit is due – shoutout to Rich Anderson, from whom this inspiration came), when instead of going around the room for a Titan headcount, we instead asked each Titan to share the number of people (or living beings, as some count their dogs, cats and even chickens!) in their household that we’re Impacting every day. If a Titan signs off feeling good about the work they do, the Titans they work with, and the company they’re helping to build, that’s damn well going to POSITIVELY Impact the people in their lives (and maybe their chickens will lay more eggs). Conversely, if a Titan isn’t feeling mastery, autonomy or purpose, or our culture is wobbly, that’s damn well going to NEGATIVELY impact the people in their lives.
So that’s where Impact Count comes in…each year, we have more and more people that ALL Titans are Impacting every day – not only their coworkers, but also their coworker’s spouses, partners, roommates, kids (and yes, pets). That inspires us to hire carefully, work hard and smart on behalf of each other, take care of each other, accept each other with all of our faults and differences, and do everything we can to make Irish Titan the kind of place where we’re better people for who we work with. 
That’s Impact and it’s more important than headcount, work ethic, or just about anything else (other than Passion, Ownership, Teamwork, and Skills – which round out our core values). Thanks for letting me commandeer the internet for a minute to fill you in on tangible impact. - Darin Lynch

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