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How To Actually Do Social Media (For real, real life)

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  • June 11, 2015
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    • Shiny Objects
    • Do it Right Or Not At All

Social Media is like the shiny object of the marketing world. It’s always a hot topic, if you let it, it can take all of your time, and most people suck at it, so when someone comes along that claims to be an expert, an expectant hush falls over the room.

But we’re going to let you in on a little secret: It’s really not that hard to do social media well, as long as you adhere to some basic best practices and follow the number one rule of social media: be consistent. If you can’t be consistent, then you just shouldn’t have a social media presence at all. But we’ll get to that in a second.

Consider this ground zero: whether you are just getting started with social marketing, or you’re trying to reboot your efforts, take the time to evaluate each of the following before moving on to actually putting together a social marketing strategy.


5 Ways to Get Started with Social Media

Make sure you have a “decent” website

This is high on the list. If you have a terrible website, you’re never going to be want to send people to it. Which limits your ability your ability to do awesome thought leadership, event marketing, and other site content. So, make sure your digital presence is at a point where you’re cool with people coming and checking it out. And if it’s not? Give us a call. We can probably help you out.

Commit to Only a Few Tools

There are literally a million social media tools. Not an exaggeration. A million. And if you wanted to, you could find a tool for everything, to the point where you would be spending all of your time using social media tools. Which, unless you run a social media empire, is really not a good use of anyone’s time. So do your research, pick which tools you like best, and just let it be.

Be Authentic & Genuine

At this point, you’ve probably identified your corporate voice (and if you haven’t, stop now and come back when you have). Now is the time to use it. If you aren’t 100% true to your company, you will get skewered, because this is the Internet, and on the Internet, nothing ever dies. So be sure to be who you really are, or it will backfire.

Don’t self-promote

People go on Facebook to watch cat videos and show off how awesome their lives are (#humblebrag). They do not go on Facebook to go shopping. (Yet. If Facebook has their way, that will someday be a thing that we do, but in today’s world, if you want to go shopping, you go to Amazon). With that in mind, you can’t actually use Facebook to sell yourself. You can subtly demonstrate what an amazing company you are through great press, but you should also have a lot of cat video posts (in this situation, cat video posts are a metaphor for engaging content that people actually want to see and read).

Be Consistent

IF YOU REMEMBER NOTHING ABOUT THIS POST, REMEMBER THIS. You MUST be consistent with social media. If you don’t, there is literally no point. People will go on your page and go “Gee, these people post once every three months, they must be really interesting”. No. No, no, no, no, no. This is what you avoid at all costs. If you think that you can only post once a week, great. Just be sure to actually post once a week. If you think you can post daily, then awesome! Post every day to your heart’s content. Just don’t post daily for a week and then give up for a month! Please!

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