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Getting Started With Pinterest Advertising

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  • July 27, 2017
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Older blog posts about Pinterest frequently start by making the case that the platform is not some fringy thing that can be ignored, and can - despite what you might think - provide value. With over 150 millions users, marketers and business owners no longer need that much convincing. To be sure, this visual bookmarking tool provides businesses with tangible benefits which can more-than-justify the management of another social channel.


Though Pinterest has created other ad types, two primary options are worth looking at for those new to the world of Pinterest: Promoted Pins and Buyable Pins.


But First, The Basics

If you haven’t used Pinterest before it’s easy to get started. You can either sign up for a new Pinterest for Business account or convert a personal account to a business account. A business account will provide you with access to Pinterest Analytics, where you can gather important insights into your users’ interests and the effectiveness of your activities on the platform.


After including and confirming your business website, you’ll want to start creating Boards and adding Pins to them. Boards and Pins are the building blocks of Pinterest. You will want to create Boards that cover topics, and include titles, that you expect your audience will find interesting.


Even without an advertising budget your Pins can be found by those interested in what you have to offer. Your Pins may be shown to a wider audience when they are added to others’ boards, can be displayed as a result of searches, or Pinterest’s algorithm may pro-actively show users your Pins (likely based on users’ interests, past keywords searched, and other factors).


After getting a hang of Boards and Pins and all the rest, and after establishing a sufficient presence on the platform, you may want to explore Pinterest advertising as a means of bringing more visibility to your brand.


Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest provides businesses with the opportunity to increase the visibility of a Pin (Promoted Pins) and allows users to purchase a product directly from a Pin (Buyable Pins). There are other ad types available, but these are the cornerstones and a good place to get started.


Promoted Pins

There are a variety of Promoted Pin campaign types, each of which is designed to align with a different business goal.

Traffic Campaigns

Traffic campaigns use the CPC (cost-per-click) model. This will be familiar to those who use Google Adwords, wherein each ad (“Pin” in this case) is associated with a number of relevant keywords and businesses bid for visibility. A cost is incurred only when a user clicks on a Pin, leading them to the businesses’ website.

Awareness Campaigns

An awareness campaign is meant to focus on brand awareness instead of immediate conversions (as is the case in a traffic campaign). In an Awareness Campaign a business pays per 1,000 impressions, and not per-click.

Engagement Campaign

Engagement campaigns includes CPC actions - just like traffic campaigns - along with other actions taken by users, like repins, which can bring increased visibility within Pinterest.

Once the ad type (or types) that are right for your business are set up, you can further optimize the effectiveness of your ads by viewing data around clicks, repins, average CPC, and average CTR. You can then make any necessary changes to further focus on Pin and targeting strategies that garner the most engagement, conversions, or the completion of other business goals.

And if you are looking for new topic ideas you may want to also look at search terms that are suggested by Pinterest. Simply try various search terms in the field provided and see what Pinterest suggests. The suggested keywords that are relevant to your offering can then be considered for a new campaign. After all, Pinterest certainly seems to have identified them as having some user interest.

Locations, languages, demographics, and gender can also help you further refine your audience.


Buyable Pins

Buyable Pins, as you may have guessed, allow users to make purchases from your online store within the Pinterest platform. The functionality is available to those who use BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and Shopify, but extensions are available which bring Buyable Pin functionality to Magento and other platforms as well.

If you decide to use Buyable Pins you can then bring it all together by also making them Promoted Pins. This will better ensure your product or service reaches more people, you are able to drive more brand awareness and revenue, and you continue to cultivate a significant presence on this increasingly popular platform.

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