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Getting Started with Omnichannel: SMS Is an Easy Add-In

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  • August 27, 2018
    • Omnichannel

Guest Blogger: Tink Taylor is Founder & President of dotmailer & dotdigital Group PLC (founded in 1999). He has 20 years of experience in the field of digital communications and has introduced digital marketing to companies large and small.

Today's empowered consumer challenges us to provide exceptional brand experiences, packed with all the contextual relevancy and personalization we now receive in our digital lives. They’re fully aware that they leave data breadcrumbs everywhere they go. And they expect them to be used to make their experience better.

To keep up with on-the-go consumers, marketers need to utilize powerful technology and leverage the right data to compose brilliant, meaningful messages that compel customers to act fast. Adding complementary channels to support your email marketing efforts means you can reach the right customer through their most relevant channel. At dotmailer, we think this omnichannel expansion starts with SMS.

There’s no better way to reach every customer than by bringing together the two giants in communication: SMS and email marketing automation. More than 5 billion people will own a mobile by 2019, talk about reach! eMarketer expects total US retail mcommerce sales will grow a further 32.7% in 2018. And with email boasting a healthy £38 return for every £1 spent, the numbers paint a healthy picture for investment. Both mediums provide much more bang for their buck compared to, say, paid media, giving you back valuable resources to spend as you see fit.

Combining these two push channels nurtures that all-important 360° customer view and adds relevance and granularity to your strategy by helping you tailor your engagements to the individual. Choosing a tech provider with SMS baked in means you can add the channel to your strategy with ease – and scale quickly.

Here are 3 prime use-cases for the SMS/email partnership, along with some ideas for your multi-channel campaigns:


Using automation to deliver a dual-channel transactional strategy is the best way to keep customers up-to-date with their purchases and deliver exceptional customer service. If you’re using an ESP like dotmailer, you can trigger SMS messages – like dispatch alerts – using the SMS service. By automating all your key transactional communications through your email provider, you can keep all your analytics in one place for succinct reporting.

Customer feedback surveys

If you’re looking for a quick way to gauge the experience your customer has received while engaging with a specific area of your business, a quick SMS survey could be just the ticket. Get feedback on your transactional emails by asking customers to reply with a number between one and ten. Quick, easy and informative!

Reminders and alerts

Slotting SMS extensions into your automation programs enables you to deliver emails and SMS at appropriate points along an individual customer’s journey but at mass scale. Appointment reminders and expiry prompts are just two examples of SMS notifications that you can automate.

Driving revenue with SMS

SMS marketing isn’t just about improving customer experience – it’s also been proven to make a significant difference to your bottom line. 54% of US retailers plan to expand their omnichannel marketing over the next 18 months, the top answer for those surveyed.

Want to get your business in on the action? Download our free SMS whitepaper stats, tips and industry examples of brands using SMS to drive:

  • Personalized offers
  • Product alerts
  • Loyalty comms

dotmailer’s integrated global SMS service works in 156 countries, helping you amplify your automation strategy with timely and contextually relevant communication. Find 10 SMS programs to inspire your marketing, fresh from the brains of our marketing automation experts.


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