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Get Onboard: 5 Simple Steps to Successful Onboarding

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  • March 28, 2018
    • titan tips

Starting at a new company is never easy.

It’s a combination of excitement, bewilderment, and an overload of new information. Basically, no matter how experienced and self-confident you are, the first few days at a new job can be quite intimidating.

And while the pressure’s on for you to make a solid impression amongst your new coworkers and get into a working groove, it’s also on for the company to make you feel at home. Hiring and onboarding employees is an expensive process, so if early turnover hits and employees leave within the first 6-12 months, the turnover costs are anywhere from 50-150% of the job’s annual salary.

So how do you lessen that intimidation and early turnover? A successful onboarding process.

All Aboard

Onboarding goes beyond just the training of an employee into a new position, it’s a well thought out and individualized process that helps to foster retention. It does this by teaching new hires about the company culture, their purpose and job function, and how their new role fits into the bigger picture of the company.  

While hiring and onboarding typically costs around $4000/employee, it’s a HUGE retention booster. According to The Learning Match Maker, onboarding causes a whopping 91% of employees to stay at a company for at least one year and that number only drops to 69% after three years.

Well, we can’t speak for other companies, but at Irish Titan we feel that our onboarding process helps every new employee make a smooth transition to their new role and new environment with as little stress as possible.

Titan Onboarding

The Irish Titan Employee Handbook

Our employee handbook is our onboarding roadmap. It starts with a welcoming address from CEO, Darin Lynch, and contains a detailed outline of the history of the company, an individual job description, employee benefits, workplace policies, and professional conduct expectations. In other words, in a very friendly but unambiguous way, it states what it means to be a Titan.

Meeting with department heads

Within the first week, we make sure that every new hire gets to spend extended one-on-one time with the head of each department within the company. That way, they get to understand the inner-workings of every facet of operations, with the opportunity to ask (and answer) questions. In addition, this allows the newest Titan to meet and foster relationships with people in the company they might not work with on a daily basis.


Every new Titan is asked to complete the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment. In modern society, we have a tendency to spend more time fixing our shortcomings that developing our strengths. Based on over 40 years of psychological research, the StrengthsFinder assessment helps new Titans to define, develop, and apply their core strengths.

A welcome card

As simple a gesture as it may seem, we make sure that all new hires get a welcome card signed by every member of staff. Hey, sometimes, it’s the little things that help make a difference.

Cool stuff/swag

Everyone likes cool swag, right? Well, our onboarding “swag bag” includes a brand new laptop, an Irish Titan backpack, a Titan t-shirt, and a Titan notebook.

To paraphrase a quote from entrepreneur Michael Falcon, employee onboarding is a lot like exercising; there’s more than enough evidence to show that we should be doing it, but for some reaso,n a lot of us don’t.

Don’t ignore the evidence!



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