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Funky Chunky Case Study

  • 8 min
  • January 9, 2018

The Client

Founded in 2000, Funky Chunky is a major manufacturer of artisan-crafted gourmet popcorn confections. With a focus on freshness and a commitment to using only the finest ingredients (creamy butter, fresh brown sugar, premium nuts, popcorn, and crunchy pretzels) Funky's inventive and creative flavors are hand-made in small batches, on-site at the company's Eden Prairie, MN headquarters. 

The Situation

In mid 2017, Funky Chunky and Irish Titan made a strategic decision to focus on optimizing the Funky Chunky website for conversion. Following Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) best practices became the prime directive, and the following steps were identified as priorities. 

  • A new brand platform and toolkit. 
  • A website refresh. Less clutter. Fewer clicks required for browsing. 
  • An audited and overhauled site experience. 
  • A new marketing strategy in paid campaigns.

Funky Chunky was already an established presence in the B2B arena, but their goal was to complement that with heightened B2C awareness and consumer engagement. 

The Solution

Updated User Interface and User Experience elements, in tandem with specific functionality enhancements, helped to create an even more fulfilling and user-friendly experience. 

Site navigation, product details pages, and creative assets were all revamped and refreshed. 

To boost B2C awareness, an entirely new marketing strategy was created in partnership with Very (a local branding firm) to showcase the revitalized brand and updated creative platform. 

Funky Chunky new product details page

Significant Results

If we focus on 2017 Q4, traditionally the busiest and most important quarter of the retail year, the results were swift and significant. 


The new AdWords campaign strategy netted nearly 2x the traffic to the site, 88% of which were new users. By using Google's audience matching and RLSA features, revenue saw a lift of an impressive 57.7%


Across all channels, traffic grew as a whole, yet the overall bounce rate during this crucial holiday gift-buying window was lower by over 17%. Despite an increasing proportion of new users, browsing still increased. 


Browsers were being converted into shoppers, with an increase of almost 50% more products added to cart. With a new, streamlined checkout flow, 58.5% more users who started checkout, finished it. 

In Summary

Funky Chunky has used Irish Titan's services for over three years. During that time, ongoing trust, collaboration, and communication have resulted in enhanced user experience, brand evolution, and strategic marketing solutions. The fluid nature of business requires both parties to be nimble, flexible, and creative. 

Those elements have been at the core of the Funky Chunky/Irish Titan relationship, and have helped Funky Chunky capitalize on the undoubted quality of its brand and its products.


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