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A Day at Imagine with Darin Lynch

  • 2 min
  • April 20, 2015
    • Imagine
    • Owning eCommerce in the North
    • Bossman Musings

04/19/15, 8:25pm

In between Pre-Imagine events on the night-before-opening night. Trip’s off to a good start already. Game planned with the Irish Titan team earlier, to make sure our trip out here is productive (and fun). Plus, had a Sinatra Smash (one of the best drink names ever) during the chat.  Then hit one of the Pre-Imagine kickoff parties. Ran into lots of people we knew, and made some new contacts, too. Drinks, appetizers and Las Vegas can have that effect.

04/20/15, 10:30am

Just got done walking the Imagine floor. Seeing a lot of familiar faces and looks like there is some great content in the breakout sessions. Have to give Magento some love on the venue – the Wynn is great. It’s a typical Vegas casino in the sense that it’s sprawling, but it seems to be laid out well and it’s easy to get everywhere. Even had time to put some  “pride in my stride” with a shoe shine this AM (I stole the pride in my stride quote from the shoeshiner). Was nice to get the Minnesota winter snow and salt off these dogs.

04/20/15, 9:30pm

Just left the Magento Opening Night event (who doesn’t love gourmet hot dogs?) and getting ready to go to the Nucleus Commerce Launch Party (we’re one of the sponsors). Today was a great day at Imagine – lots of good conversations with Magento folks (Craig Peasley, Eric Feuerstein, Art Boyd, Holly Davis, Rob O’Fee, Brian Lavorini) and Magento partners (Zerolag, Peer 1, Clustrix). Talked about how to continue to build our relationship, talked about how to best take care of clients. Some of us participated in a Design Thinking exercise, too. Looking forward to tomorrow, with more Digital Strategy and “Business First. Online Second.” Type of  sessions. Plus, the big nighttime event of the whole conference.

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