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Darin Named 30 Most Influential in Ecommerce by Signifyd

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  • February 14, 2022
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Darin was honored by Signifyd's 30 Most Influential in Ecommerce award last week. 

Darin's full responses here.

Darin brings 25 years of experience to award-winning ecommerce agency Irish Titan, ranging from technology leadership at Fortune 100 firms to large-scale, bricks-and-clicks national retailers, to startup and early-stage companies. From a farm in Iowa to a keyboard in the cloud, Darin has been honored as a 40 Under 40 winner and one of the Real Power 50. Darin is a former presidential candidate (and likely a future candidate, too). He also bought Clint Eastwood a beer in 1994. But those last two stories are better shared in person.

What is one initiative you are most proud of leading or contributing to in the last year?
Easy: our Heads, Hearts, Hands program. What started as an attempt to put some structure around our charitable efforts blossomed into a grassroots movement of donations, pro bono work and social good.

What is one thing about ecommerce that you know now that you wish you knew on day one?
Given the mind-boggling change since 1998, there’s a long list of candidates for this answer. But I think it’s the convergence of commerce that I wish I had been able to predict. There’s convergence between B-to-C and B-to-B, convergence between work and personal time, convergence between the devices we use to interact with commerce, and convergence between offand online experiences.

What are the three biggest challenges you expect to face in 2022?
Challenge Fatigue: The world around us can be weary and noisy and draining right now. We can lead and communicate in ways that inspire those around us and lift that veil of fatigue, but it will be a challenge that I hope we’re all up to. We need to be.

The Cold War for Talent: It’s not just the Great Resignation, it’s also the Cold War for Talent, with skyrocketing wages, rapidly evolving employee priorities, and changing workplace cultures. I think the often-overlooked challenge is how it’s affecting our customers and partners.

Growth: We’ll be facing the challenge themes common to growing companies: scaling processes, institutionalizing tribal knowledge, reinforcing and extending culture, hiring and retaining at a high level, future-proofing and documenting processes.

Check out the full list of honorees here

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