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Creating Value: The Importance of Quality Content

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  • July 29, 2016
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You know what the common theme of the 21st century is turning out to be? The light-speed flow of content.  People are receiving content at a rate that has never been experienced before throughout the entire course of human history.  So what does this mean to us as a business?  It means that we have less time to reach potential consumers at a personal level.


This is where having good, clear, honest, high quality content comes into play.  Whether through social media, paid advertising or represented directly on your website, you only have seconds to capture the attention of your prospective audience.  When you’re opting to furnish content for one of these channels, consider asking yourself: Is this necessary?  Sure, you might think that posting a new blog is important to keep up with your “one blog per week” strategy, but if the information that you’re posting isn’t new or interesting or capable of reaching people and informing them of something they previously weren’t aware of, then why bother? 


Modern web crawlers are so advanced, they can easily and readily distinguish the difference between a company that’s trying to provide useful information and a company that’s simply trying to “stay regular”.  Your content isn’t dietary fiber: it’s a statement from your company and should be a reflection of the pride you have for your brand. If you find yourself writing information that isn’t unique, organic or remotely useful, then trash it and wait until you have information that’s worth sharing.


“But I was told I needed to write 3 blog posts per week…” Hogwash!  There are countless articles out there about Google’s algorithm changes to punish duplicative content.  Here are a few sources to information on those changes:


Google Releases Algorithm Update to Punish Copyright Violators

Google Inside Search Blog: Another Step to Reward High-Quality Sites


Remember: Search Engines are about empowering users. If you and your brand want to be at the top of the food chain, there are no shortcuts or magic formulas to make that happen.  If you’re struggling to find the words, consider hiring a copywriter to help whiteboard your ideas and generate something helpful.  If you’ve got the content but need assistance in making sure your great content reaches the right people, consider working with a Digital Strategy team (like the one at Irish Titan) to make sure that your voice isn’t just heard, but heard by the right sets of ears.  And lastly, please remember: the worst thing that you can do for your company is reduce its credibility through low quality, rehashed content that alienates your audience.



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