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Coming Up With a Marketing Plan for Your New Website

  • 5 min
  • January 31, 2019

One of the first things we ask our clients when we kick off a website build is what are your goals for your new website? Client responses range anywhere from enhancing user experience to increasing site traffic to improving product conversion rate. Understanding our client’s goals helps set us up for success to not only build them a great website, but it also gives us the ability to tailor that site to their ideal demographic and collaborate on a marketing plan for their site launch. An ideal website launch is not a set-it-and-forget-it once your site is live scenario. Your new website on its own can only do so much, which is why it is important to develop a marketing plan that aligns with the goals of your new site. Your website relaunch marketing plan picks up where your site launch left off, and continues to draw awareness to your new platform.

Start with Something Bigger

We know, more than most, that updating a website is an expensive and timely process, so it’s important to give people a reason to care that you updated yours. We recently relaunched our own website and when coming up with the marketing plan to put behind it, we wanted an overarching theme present in every piece we shared — from newsletters, to videos, to blogs, and more — to continue to emphasize the “Why” of our website relaunch.

Our partners and clients are vital to everything we do, so tying them into the reason behind our new paint job was a top priority. We chose the overarching themes of "Business First. Online Second." and Partnerships, Not Transactions to guide us in every marketing effort that went into our launch plan.

A good start for your website redesign is to come up with your “Why”. Outside of the obvious reasons for a redesign (outdated designs, user-fluidity, or rebranding), what kickstarted your relaunch endeavor? Coming up with a “Why” that is tied to a bigger picture helps to not only keep your project goals on track but also gives your audience a reason to care.

A few questions to ask yourself are:

  • Who are you hoping to reach more?
  • What words would you use to describe your new website?
  • Do you have a different purpose than when you originally launched?
  • Is there a new audience you want to reach?

Whatever the reason, share it with your audience. People launch and redesign websites all the time, (heck, some companies even do it for a living), what’s the reason they should care about yours?

Why Is It Better?

The “what’s in it for me?” question your customers will inevitably ask. While the “something bigger” ties all of your marketing initiatives together, telling your customers what the website does better can be fairly straightforward. What does your new website do better than your old one? How is this site more beneficial for the website users? While you don’t need to give a bulleted list of every single thing that got changed or improved, giving an overview of how your website is better optimized for the users is important. Touch on the top 3-5 improvements and how it’s making the user's life easier. For example, is it easier to purchase things, get in contact with the customer experience team, sort or filter products? Showcase the new features you have and how it will ultimately make their lives easier.

Marketing Initiatives

Once you have your theme and content ideas down, it’s time to come up with ways to market the new website. Think of the marketing for your website as the gas to your car. You can have the nicest, newest car in the world but if you don’t have gas, it won’t go anywhere. With our website launch plan, we tried to think outside of the box and do things we don’t normally do.

A Sneak Peek

We love giving people an inside look or sneak peek of what’s going on under the kilt at Irish Titan, from event save the dates to early bird ticket sales to...secret website launches. Our website launch was no different when it came to marketing. As stated earlier, we wanted to create a site that best exemplified our value of Partnerships, Not Transactions, and we were really excited to share all our hard work with the people it affected most - our clients and partners.

We gave them a first look email announcement sharing our goals for the new site. We also asked for their feedback in what they thought of the overall site experience and how the site made them feel.  Doing a soft launch with key stakeholders (and inviting them in to see the new site and give us feedback before the general public) allowed us to show them they were a priority and we cared about their opinions.

Figure out who the primary users of your website are, and invite them to explore the website — testing it in ways they would actually be using it. From there, get their open and honest feedback for improvements you can use in future updates. This naturally draws attention to your site but also emphasizes your client partnerships.

Content Ideas

If your company writes blogs, now is a great time to share a few. We shared the reason why we decided to update our website to answer any potential questions people might have had. If you’re a larger company or government company with a  lot of key stakeholders, a press release is also a great way to share the updates. Nothing major, but enough to answer any questions and continue to drive users to your new website.

Video Marketing

Also known as 2019’s hottest trend, video marketing is a great way to make your message a little more personal. Video takes more time to do, but having a founder or even one of your redesign project team leads on a screen and sharing your goals (or your “Why”) with your audience is far more personal than sending an email.

Since we redesigned our website in time for the new year, we tied our relaunch in with our goals for the year in a video. Our founder and CEO, Darin Lynch, sat down and gave an overview of what we’re hoping to accomplish for the new year, what we were successful with last year, what has changed, and what people can look out for in 2019. We also created a quick 30-second video showing our old website transition to our new website, giving our relaunch marketing plan a little more diversity than just your average Facebook post.


We’ve loved being part of our clients' website journeys and want to thank you for joining in on a little bit of ours. If you need help redesigning your website, send us a tweet, email, or even a raven and we’ll happily get back to you.

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