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Business First. Offline Second.

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  • May 30, 2019

No, this isn’t a throwback to last month’s April Fools joke of Amish Titan. And we’re not rebranding in any way...but it’s conference and trade show season, and we’d like to switch our focus this month to the importance of offline marketing. 

When deciding on a marketing plan, many smaller companies tend to focus a large part of their yearly budget towards digital. And why wouldn’t they? With 40% of marketers saying that their biggest challenge is proving the ROI of their marketing activities, having a digital ad campaign where you can track your actual ROI while targeting a vast amount of users at once is truly the most sound investment. 

While having and investing in a digital or online marketing strategy is incredibly valuable, we find extreme importance in the offline areas of marketing, especially as a smaller company. 

It’s no secret that we live in a digital age. A world where if you want a burrito, you can have it in your hands in 45 minutes all through the power of “online.” And chances are, you probably wanted that burrito because an ad popped up as you were scrolling through social media or you received an email campaign with a coupon. 

When it comes to building a company and, more importantly, building a brand, it isn’t quite that easy. Behind every company, and behind every brand, is the network that it took to build it. This network consists of a community of partnerships, sponsorships, mentorships, and client relationships that have been built and fostered, many through offline marketing efforts. 

It takes a lot more effort to forget a good first impression than it takes to close an internet tab. 

We put a huge amount of value behind our relationships, and a big way that we’ve grown them is by making sure we consistently have a physical spot at the table to compliment our online presence. This means we regularly attend trade shows and conferences, we sponsor and host multiple events throughout the year, and we show up to celebrate our partners’ successes and learn from their expertise.

As a smaller company, it can be daunting to think of the added expense of offering a physical presence, especially when it comes to higher ticketed conferences. But each investment into an offline marketing experience is an opportunity to gain a new client, to build a bigger partnership network, and to build long-lasting business relationships. 

Many of our current partnerships were established and enhanced through conferences like Magento Imagine, IRCE, or hosting our own annual Ecomm Forum event. And many of our longest business relationships and partnerships have stemmed from offline marketing efforts.

Below are the conferences and trade shows that we’re attending or attended this year. If you happen to be at any of them, let us know. We are always down for more friends at Irish Titan.

  • Bureau of Digital Owner Summit
  • Magento Imagine
  • Shopify Unite
  • BigCommerce Annual Summit
  • IRCE
  • Shop.Org
  • Ecomm Forum
  • Midwestern Ecommerce Summit

We hope to see you there! 

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