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Affinity Plus Spotlight On: Irish Titan

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  • April 3, 2014

This article originally appeared in the Affinity Plus Blog. 


Take one step into the office of Founder and Chief Liberation Officer of Irish Titan, Darin Lynch, and you immediately know you’re in his own world. Whiteboard walls spattered with scribbled notes, an impressive collection of Celtic décor, and the bold Irish Titan logo enliven the naturally bright corner space. The room exudes the long-haired leader’s energetic transparency in leadership – a quality that has not gone unnoticed. Most recently, Minnesota Business Magazine recognized Lynch in The (Real) Power 50 and showcased Irish Titan as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For.  Armed with a client-focused web development company that has doubled its revenue in the past two years, Lynch opened his door to us to describe how he came up with the Irish Titan name and the importance of defining your “Why?” in business.


When Lynch decided to utilize his MBA and ecommerce expertise to start his own company, the next step was coming up with an appropriate name. So, why “Irish Titan”? 

I had three criteria for deciding on the name. First, I didn’t want the name to lock us into a particular category.  After that, I knew I wanted the name to be catchy and memorable, without trying too hard.  Lastly, I set out to build a company bigger and better than myself.  Thus, I didn’t want my name on the shingle.  Lynch Technologies was too arrogant and Lynch & Associates seemed like I just had a bunch of independent contractors working for me, which is not the case. We are a team.


So wait, why “Irish Titan”? Well, he is (mostly) Irish.  So, that was an easy decision.  He made the argument that including his Irish heritage to the company name is something he can identify with and gives them the flexibility to be sort of shenanigan-y – a term Lynch used for having a fun, light-hearted, and playful vibe. Check out the tone of their website and you’ll understand!

The “Titan” part just came to me when I was on the [basketball] court… It just turns out that our initials are I.T. which is essentially the business we are in today, but the name doesn’t lock us into a particular field.  We can do anything.


Although they are in the online services business, Irish Titan sticks to their “Why?” – Business First. Online Second. In their industry, many companies will pitch the latest technologies and trends, even if it isn’t necessarily the best fit for the needs of their client.  Lynch was determined to change that mentality.  So instead, Irish Titan gets to know their client, evaluates their needs and then develops a strategy and creates solutions to achieve the desired outcome. By pursuing “partnerships, not transactions,” Irish Titan builds meaningful relationships with their clients resulting in a better experience, and outcome, for everyone involved.

I don’t pay attention to our competitors. If you have your “Why?” you don’t care about your competitors. You can focus on your clients and their needs. If they succeed, so will you.


Whether you’re looking for web solutions customized to your particular business, or just a lively group for a happy hour, contact Irish Titan for a refreshingly real approach to your online needs.

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