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"50% of Banner Clicks on Mobile are by Mistake”, and Other Fun Takeaways From the 2016 Digital Summit

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  • August 10, 2016
    • Facebook is BIG
    • Content really is king

Aside from taking place on the lush multi-colored and multi-cultural grounds of the beautiful Guthrie Theatre, there were many reasons to be excited for this year’s Digital Summit. Speakers from Microsoft, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and more all flew in from their various nooks and crannies and hit the stage with freshly inked PowerPoint decks full of fresh consumer trends. These ever deepening rivulets of behavioral insights are most quickly identified from big companies, scouting from the peaks of their mountainous piles of consumer data.

We had an awesome turnout – a wide range of personalities strewn across a diverse set of vocational backgrounds. Thought leaders spoke on a wide variety of topics, and there was a lot of ground covered. Listen closely enough, however, and there were some key themes that all of us in business should take note of.

Consider this your Executive Summary of the Executive Summary, the Super Meta, the TL:DR for the 2016 Digital Summit.


Key Takeaways

The Internet is Becoming Pay to Play

Seriously, when it comes to high value keywords and content topics, SEO is a long play. Longer still, is the list of people who are willing to just chuck some money at it for immediate results. Between Facebook’s Edge Rank, Google’s new search results page redesign (notice: there’s not a single organic link above the fold), there’s no wonder why digital ad spend is set to surpass tv by 2017


Content is King

Yeah, cliché, I know. However, with the pay-to-play movement mentioned above, you know what still works? Niche content. Investing and creating unique content that solves a very specific need for a very specific segment of your audience is the way to activate “earned media” (i.e. Organic, Social, and anything else not directly under your control).

Related Fact – 84% of Millennials say that User Generated Content (reviews, ratings, unboxing video, wall posts, retweets, etc.) regularly influences their buying behavior. So remember folks, speak on topics where your brand is an authority, and if you can – leverage your audience!


No One Cares About Online vs. Offline

They’re completely different departments to you, but it’s all the same to us. Consumers want the same customer service experience on Twitter as they get by calling in. They want your emails and website as easily viewable on mobile (the average Millennial uses 2 devices per day, and mobile search surpassed desktop a while ago…) as it is on desktop. They want to reply to your “do not reply” emails. They want you to be where they are, and they want to find you on the apps and platforms that they use most (Google, Social Media, Yelp, Amazon, etc.).

Related Fact – Talk about “always on”… 1 in 3 Millennials don’t feel the need to watch broadcast television, and get virtually all of their news and programming online.


“Last Click” Measurement is Ruining The Internet, and “Content Marketing” is the New Black.

Getting someone to click on an ad and then immediately buy, call, or submit a form is increasingly becoming more and more difficult as competition increases. More and more businesses are jumping on the content marketing bandwagon, which focuses on understanding the buyer journey and creating helpful, sponsored content to educate users along the way. Done well, this makes the web a better place. Free information! Done poorly – and all too commonly – creators gate the content early, and try to force users to input some sort of personal info as “payment” (I’m looking at you B2B). Next thing you know, you’re getting blasted by irrelevant email solicitations and you’re wary of inputting your actual email next time. Remember when raffles at tradeshows were cool? Yeah, me neither. Trust is built over time, to create useful content that will put your site in their research path as they are coming into the market.


Facebook is a BIG Deal.

One in five page views in the US is on Facebook. While Google and Amazon fight to keep growing time on site, Facebook watches its engagement rise effortlessly as users become more and more familiar with the platform. The average American spends 40 minutes per day on Facebook (and 19 minutes a day exercising). Talk about priorities! With 1.7B monthly active users, there’s no question if your customers are on it or not… but rather, what do you have to say? (think tips, tricks, life hacks, and how-to’s…these bite sized morsels get gobbled up by social surfers.)

Related Fact: Facebook announced it is now a “video first” platform. Video averages somewhere around 135% higher organic reach vs other content types.


Video is how stories are told on mobile, and native is the new norm.

Pinching and zooming are so 2012, and the autoplay feature on many social networking sites has made this the quickest and easiest way for brands to catch users’ attention and make an impression. Boosted posts on Facebook or ads run through Facebook Ads Manager make sure the content appears seamlessly within the user experience (we call this Native Advertising), and this channel is expected to grow significantly moving forward. There is an increasing sentiment that younger generations don’t care if the content is sponsored by brands – only that it is useful and informative.

Fun Fact: Live video is interacted with at over twice the rate of regular video since this content is generally considered more authentic and trustworthy.


About Digital Summit Minneapolis: 

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