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10 Quick Facts Learned at Magneto RISE Training

  • 2 min
  • August 18, 2016
    • Irish Titan and Magento
    • Toyota Prius and a Tesla

Earlier this month I traveled out to California to meet the Magento team and attend an action-packed three-day training session. The goal of the training was to increase knowledge about Magento, learn how to recognize an opportunity with Magento, articulate the value and learn from each other. Summarizing every take away from the training would be impossible to write in a short blog post. So, here’s 10 quick facts that I brought back with me:

1. 48% of online retailers are planning to re-platform within the next three years.

2. Magento has 26% global market share

3. Magento Cloud edition & Marketplace have launched!

4. The biggest differentiators with Magento 2:

There is a much more engaging shopping experience with the streamlined checkout process.

Faster time to market with pre-built themes.

Robust native Enterprise capabilities (like content staging & preview).

Elasticsearch functionality and a much improved UX in the admin.

5. B2B commerce is rapidly growing twice the size of B2C.

6. B2B tech spend is expected to increase from 20% to 30%.

7. A good analogy to compare Magento 1 and Magento 2: The first Toyota Prius and a Tesla (no comparison!)

8. Magento has recently acquired RJ Metrics.

9. Their biggest competitors are Shopify, Demandware, Oracle, Hybris, and Netsuite.

10. Advice from Magento: When creating power point decks for presentations, take a second to think about the purpose of each slide. If you can’t identify why the slide is important, delete it. 

In addition to the training, the Magento team took us out for bowling on Wednesday night, which gave us a great opportunity to get to know them better. They are a very passionate and committed group. Thanks for a wonderful experience!


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