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We want to tackle uncertainty with action. We've watched the world bend to COVID-19. We've watched Brick and Mortar stores shut. But we've also watched ecommerce spread its wings and rise to the challenge. Online food orders, drive-through pickups, and ecommerce sites have soared while other channels have fallen. Darin's full thoughts are in our blog here

We've devised a three-stage program to respond to COVID-19, and we're calling it "Heads, Hearts, Hands."

  • We want to work with our heads to offer our brains, our services, and our knowledge to the world when it needs it most.
  • We're lending our hearts by donating blood, fundraising, and offering our human side to people that need it most.
  • Last, we're offering our hands, sewing and donating masks, delivering food, giving hands to people that need them most.



Heads - COVID-19

A long list of our partners (a testament to our awesome partners!) have stepped up to offer assistance to get ecommerce stores up and running fast. For our full offer and more from our partners, click our Emergency Ecommerce Assistance Program. We're also working with BigCommerce to launch 'Websites in a Week'. See our Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal article about what we're up to. We're proud to be using our our powers to do some "ecommerce for good."


Hearts - COVID-19

Our hearts go out to our community right now. We're fundraising for one of three awesome Twin Cities charities until Friday, May 29th. If you donate in our link below, you get to vote to help decide where the full donation should go! Irish Titan has seeded the fund in an effort to help kickstart the impact we can have with helping others. 

  1. St. Stephen’s is a housing nonprofit offering emergency shelter and supportive housing. Like most shelters, St. Stephen’s two emergency overnight shelters normally open each evening and close each morning. As many community facilities are closing, and in order to provide safe, sanitary space for shelter guests, they have temporarily expanded operating hours to 24/7. 
  2. Community Emergency Assistance Programs provides emergency boxes of non-perishable and fresh food that can feed a family of four for up to two weeks. They also provide frozen meals for seniors through its Meals on Wheels program. Currently, all donations are being matched by the Otto Bremer Trust.
  3. Greater Twin Cities United Way has created a COVID 19 response fund. When you give to the Fund, you provide immediate support such as food, shelter, childcare, sanitary and hygiene supplies and financial assistance to those most vulnerable to issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 100% of your donation goes directly into the community.




HHH Fundraiser





Hands - COVID-19

Our Titans have stepped up in a big way. They're literally putting their hands to use by sewing masks, donating blood, and getting groceries for their neighbors. We're taking all that stir-crazy energy and pointing it right at solutions, and doing so in ways that are more than just financial contributions (which are also important). If you want to get involved with our "hands" initiatives, send an email to and we'll put you to work. Or go pick up trash around your neighborhood. Rake an older person's lawn (with their approval, of course). Or signup on Nextdoor's "Help Map". Do what you can to help others and get those hands moving.


Giving Blood