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Vuthy Suon

Software Engineer

I am self-driven, an adaptable learner, and am constantly striving to challenge myself with complex projects. I love building things for the web using various technologies. 

Head: I’m always thinking about ways to improve myself daily whether it be professional or personal growth. I like a good challenge because I see it as a great learning opportunity. I may come off as shy, but I enjoy interacting with others and getting to know them on a personal level by working with them!  

Heart: I am happiest when I am spending quality time with loved ones. I enjoy playing with my two little nieces, joking around with my family, and just doing everyday life with my girlfriend. In my free time, you can catch me playing video games, looking for great shopping deals on Slickdeals, listening to music, discovering great places to eat with my girlfriend (the key to my heart is spicy food), and watching all sorts of Netflix shows and movies (documentaries, dramas, and anything funny are my favorites!). 

Gut: My favorite foods are usually Vietnamese cuisine-- I especially love my girlfriend’s cooking. I really love beef pho, a comforting Vietnamese beef noodle soup, and other home-style rice dishes. I am always up for barbecue, birria, and al pastor tacos, and will never say no to chicken wings! Spicy foods are my favorite!

Feet: Currently, my activity game in terms of fitness isn’t very strong, but my goal for 2022 is to change that! I’m mostly on my feet when I am traveling. My girlfriend and I enjoy spending our vacations exploring new places by going on food adventures and trying all the delicious cuisines a place has to offer.

Always: Follow what you are passionate about and put in a matching level of effort and determination!

Never: Forget to take care of yourself!