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Tim Rockford

Account Manager

 I am a curious and relational problem solver who loves staying active, playing music, and trying new foods. También, si quieres hablar conmigo en Español, ¡no te esperes!

Head: I am a context gatherer who loves to see the big picture in order to improve the small things that make up the larger whole. Nothing is better than connecting: connecting with people, connecting the dots between various ideas, or connecting my mouth to a good cup of coffee.

Heart: Relationships make my world go ‘round. Don’t get me wrong, I am an introvert at heart, but it is the relationships in my life that make life worth living. I desire to be for others what others have been for me.

Gut: As long as it doesn’t have bleu cheese, I’m probably there for it. I love exploring new foods and drinks, and will (likely) never say no to a dessert.

Feet: I love playing sports recreationally (any sport) and staying active. I’m also a drummer and piano player, so if you were wondering, yes, my hearing is not-so-slowly departing from me.

Always: Love on family and friends

Never: Long road trips. Flying, please :)