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Richie Donovan

Associate Software Engineer

I am a curious software engineer who loves to learn and solve problems. When not working, I can be found at local breweries with my wife or sitting at my desk playing video games with friends.

I’m naturally an introvert, but I can bring out the extrovert in me if I have to. 

I love being able to spend time with family and friends whenever, wherever, and however I can. Some of my favorite destinations on earth are cabins of various friends and relatives. I love fishing, I love exercising, and I would also characterize myself as a “dog person”.

I’m fairly plain Jane when it comes to food. My favorite meal for reference is a steak and a baked potato, however I am not a picky eater. In fact, even though my favorite food is literally “meat and potatoes”, most weekends I will be eating whatever crazy new recipe my wife finds on Tik Tok or Binging with Babish.

My feet take me all over the place. Some of my favorite activities include going for walks with my dog, going up north to the lake, and going to brewery patios with my wife and friends.

Tell your parents you love them at the end of a phone call.

Do anything after 2 am. Nothing good happens after 2 am.