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Kristin Mastantuono

Digital Marketing Specialist

Originally from a loud Italian, Irish and Mexican family on the south side of Chicago, I have called the Twin Cities home for five years now.  After attending Iowa State University for Communications and Marketing, I moved up to Minneapolis to pursue a degree in audio engineering at the Institute of Production and Recording.

With a focus in marketing, branding, and graphic design, I was brought onto Irish Titan to join their Digital Marketing team. When I am not at Irish Titan, I am recording podcasts in my recording studio/home, playing with my dog, Goose, or running live sound at various locations in the Twin Cities.


“Business First, Online Second”, to me, falls in line with the same idea of not putting the cart before the horse. When we focus on the WHY of your business and the goals you want your digital presence to help you reach as a company, then we can start to create a holistically great product.

If we get too distracted with the latest digital fads and all of the bells and whistles the digital realm has to offer, it is easy to lose sight of your true business goals. Having those at the forefront of your project, always, helps keep it on track.