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Jocelyn Leonard

Associate Digital Strategist

I am a person that values both time and deep relationships with those I’ve connected with already and those I will meet in the future. Come talk to me about anything to do with travel, music, art, design, stories, boba, or any other types of food and I’ll be hooked!

Head: Finding ways to balance my life, work, and time has become one of the bigger priorities in my life. Everyday I put in the effort to plan out how I want my day or week to go because if life is what you make it, why not make it better, and less stressful, for yourself and others around you to be able to enjoy what makes you happy.

Heart: I have a great passion for creative writing and using art for storytelling! I could talk for days on end about my favorite authors and their books. Animation is also a big interest of mine because there’s just something magical about the way stories are told, taken from inked words or images on paper to the digital world on your screen.

Gut: My love for Asian cuisine knows no bounds. From sushi to stir-fry to curry, I could have it all any day of the week! For my sweet side, my favourites are by far French confectionery like macarons, crêpes, and pain au chocolat or chocolate bread. Japanese snacks, like pocky, dango, dorayaki, and basically anything flavored in matcha or strawberry, are also among my favourites and are the fastest way to cheer me up!

Feet: Whether it’s a forest path, a hiking trail, or a city sidewalk, I love exploring the outdoors at my own pace. Traveling and taking in the sights around me makes for the greatest of memories, especially when with family and friends. The top of my bucket list includes stepping into every continent and being able to experience just a touch of life in each. 

Always: Be open-minded

Never: Eat brussel sprouts