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Hean Tao

UI Designer

I’m a UX/UI, website, and graphic designer. I'm passionate about creating meaningful experiences for people through design and am constantly looking to learn new things every day. I love what I do and I work exceptionally hard with whom I work. 

Head: My design philosophy is that all digital design solutions must serve users and solve practical business problems for clients. You might think that designers always pursue beautiful things, of course, there is no doubt about this! But for me, functionality is the premise of appearance.

Heart: I really like outdoor activities and that's why I love Minnesota so much. I often go fishing near my house, and sometimes go skiing and camping. This is a good way for me to relieve stress.

Gut: I like all the food that can make me feel happy, such as hot pot, barbecue, fried chicken, milk tea, coke, etc. I also enjoy exploring the delicacies around me and often share them with my friends and family. I enjoy sharing food with people, and my dream was to be a food blogger! Haha : )

Feet: I like to travel to different places in my spare time, learn about different cultures, explore different foods, and meet different people. I originally come from China. I have been to South Korea, Japan, and Thailand before I came to study in the United States. After coming here, I have been to almost half of the cities in the United States. If you ask which city is my favorite, it must be Los Angeles, because of the delicious food and beaches. Where is the next stop? Maybe Europe.

Always: Double-check

Never: Miss deadline