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Drew Bombard

Software Engineer

I’m a total tech nerd, with a heavy dose of Mac and Apple obsession.  Family, friends, love and laughter drive me to be who I am and I enjoy the quiet/simple moments that life has to offer in between all the chaos — which I guess is a little funny considering the tech-based career path I have chosen.

Head: I feel fulfilled when I accomplish something and am able to build something with my hands.  Whether it's learning a new skill, creating something for a client or finishing my latest woodworking project in the garage in my spare time.  I also like to make well informed decisions and won’t (typically) take a leap of faith that’s too big on anything.

Heart: There is nothing better than seeing a smile or genuine happiness on my kids’ faces.  Family is everything and the reason I get up every morning.  We love to laugh in our house and try to not take life too seriously.  We even have a running gag where we periodically try to jump out and scare the pants off each other.  Laughter goes a long way.

Gut: I love most things spicy; chili, wings, Mexican, Chinese, even salads (crushed red pepper on caesar salad is amazing).  Pizza is flat out delicious unless you’re a savage monster and eat it with pineapple on top.  Unfortunately, I love candy and my sweet tooth also knows very few boundaries.  Except Almond Joy… those unholy creations belong next to the orange Circus Peanuts in a deep dark cave never to be seen again.

Feet: Frisbee golf and downhill skiing are my jams.  I’ll ski for as long as my body will let me, and then probably a few more times after that until I’m completely broken.  I love old buildings and architecture, and also exploring the places that few people get the chance to see.  Although I don’t get around to it as often as I’d like too, a peaceful hike in the woods or somewhere quiet can do wonders.

Always: Be thankful.  Be forgiving.  Love yourself and your family.  And by all means, enjoy the moment.

Never: This bears repeating, never eat pineapple on pizza.

Favorite Quote: “It's supposed to be a challenge, that's why they call it a shortcut. If it was easy it would just be called ‘The Way’.”