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Darin Lynch

Founder & CEO

Waze Ranking: 130

Just a man. A man with a green phone. And cheap hair product. Beyond that, I have a bit of an odd background for the founder of a digital agency – I’m not a designer, I’m not a developer, and I didn’t spin out of an agency when I started Irish Titan. I grew up on a farm in Iowa (my Mom was an English teacher and my Dad was a farmer – it was interesting), went to the University of Iowa, then worked in corporate IT. First at Principal Financial Group, then a consulting company, then Wilsons Leather, then 2nd Swing Golf. Along the way, I received my MBA from the University of St. Thomas. Since 2004, I’ve been running Irish Titan, trying to bring in talented Titans and stay out of their way. I'm also a former and probably future presidential candidate. Honestly. 


B1O2 means that we care more about delivering business solutions than we care about delivering the latest digital fads. It means that we get to know our client’s business and work hard to ensure that their digital presence lives within their business rather than outside of it. It means that our team, from project managers to developers, thinks about B1O2 and it means that our process is engineered to deliver B1O2.