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Chris Ferber

Software Engineer

My journey in software development started at Prime Digital Academy where I received a certificate in full stack web development in late 2019. I then worked at Trinity for about a year and a half, first as a UX engineer and then as a data and integrations engineer.


B102 to Me

To me B102 means to look at a project or business through the perspective of our partner. It is critical to understand a partner’s business and business needs in order to come up with the best solution. We all have our biases and blindspots when it comes to perspective and developers are no different. By living the B102 model every day we are able to minimize these biases of favorite software or solutions to make evidence based decisions on what is best for our partners. Engaging in direct communication with the entire team rather than having one POC on each end ensures our solutions maintain focus to achieve the end goal our partner’s envision.