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Becky Kohberger

Head of Partnerships

Native East Coaster with a passion for helping people, working out, learning, and travel.  Lover of life and firm believer in the glass half full. 

Head: I have an MBA from the University of Scranton and a Masters in Biology from the University of Miami. Constantly reading books about business, self helps, and leadership. I believe your mind is the most powerful tool you have and you need to exercise it as much as your body. 

Heart: My heart belongs to the Ronald McDonald House of New York City where I volunteer and sit on their Board of Associates. Nothing brings me greater joy than being there with the children and their families. Helping other people always fills me up! 
I also can’t deny my love for puppies, babies, rom coms, and anyone who invests their energy in you. 

Gut: I am a picky eater, but not proud of it. I wish I enjoyed all the finer foods in life, but I typically find myself enjoying green veggies and bland pastas. This does not stop me from taking cooking classes and trying to make meals that others will enjoy, I am half Italian after all! 

Feet: I love most activities and one of my life goals is to have a treadmill desk! My favorite activities include Tennis, Golf, Running, Yoga, pilates, skiing, and weight lifting. I am a total gym rat and could previously be found in any hotel gyms before trade shows making sure to get my cardio in! 

Always: Lead with your heart and be true to yourself

Never: Give up!