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Meet The Team

We may not be who you expect us to be: the tech nerds, the wallflowers, the gamers (although, we will confess to an ongoing obsession with Game of Thrones). Nope. We're professional website designers, ecommerce experts and online marketing strategists. And regardless of what you expect us to look like, our knowledge will always be exactly what you need.

AND WHILE WE MAY NOT ALL BE 100% IRISH (BUT SHH... THAT'S A SECRET), WE'RE ALL 100% TITAN. No freelancers. No contractors. And no off-shore resources.

Darin Lynch as KISS

Darin Lynch

Founder & CEO
Anna as a child.

Anna Kallberg

Director of Agency Operations
PR Bike

P.R. Stafki

Señor Software Engineer
JE Pitching

J.E. Urseth

Senior Digital Strategist
Branden Funny Photo

Branden Bell

Software Engineer
Mike with his pets.

Mike Hoagland

Director of Agency Delivery
Tyler in front of a Christmas tree

Tyler Page

Software Engineer
Nate Levine in the snow

Nate Levine

Software Engineer
Katie as a dancer

Katie Mangan

Software Engineer
Michael Start acting

Michael Start

Software Engineering Manager
Jack Swift - Funny Photo

Jack Swift

Marketing Manager
Sam Fortin - Funny Photo

Sam Fortin

Software Engineer
Madeline Graham Funny

Madeline Graham

Software Engineer
Julie Fischer Funny Photo

Julie Fischer

PM Practice Manager
Maureen Olson Funny

Maureen Olson

Creative & Strategy Manager
Natalie Teigen Funny

Natalie Teigen

Senior Software Engineer
Scott Duncan Funny Photo

Scott Duncan

Software Engineer
Eli Funny

Eli Brimacomb

Sales Specialist
Becky Kohberger Funny

Becky Kohberger

Channel Manager
Davis Ackmann Fun Photo

Davis Ackmann

Digital Strategist
Josh Burns Fun Photo

Josh Burns

Software Engineer
Tim Niccum Fun Photo

Tim Niccum

Digital Project Manager
Justin Schiltz Fun Photo

Justin Schiltz

Senior Account Manager
Richie Donovan Fun Photo

Richie Donovan

Associate Software Engineer
Kevin Schneider Funny Photo

Kevin Schneider

Senior Account Executive
Hean Tao Funny Photo

Hean Tao

UI Designer
Kaitlin Christensen Ungs Fun Photo

Kaitlin Christensen Ungs

Creative Strategist
Laurel Quinby Funny Photo

Laurel Quinby

Associate Project Manager
Kenzy Holger Funny Photo

Kenzy Holger

Associate Project Manager
Chris Ferber Fun Photo

Chris Ferber

Software Engineer
Jessie Stone Fun Photo

Jessie Stone

Office Manager
 Jocelyn Leonard Fun Photo

Jocelyn Leonard

Associate Digital Strategist
Vuthy Suon Fun Photo

Vuthy Suon

Software Engineer
Drew Bombard Fun Photo

Drew Bombard

Software Engineer
Lindsey Coleman Fun Photo

Lindsey Coleman

Digital Project Manager
Tim Rockford Fun Image

Tim Rockford

Account Manager